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Yoga in Myanmar

Travel, for most people, is more than just snapping photos and sightseeing. It is, instead, a journey that is meant to enrich the traveler’s life and leave lasting memories for years to come. At Myanmar Diaries, we create these enriching journeys by incorporating local experiences that engage the mind, body and soul. These experiences deepen our guests understanding of Myanmar culture by immersing them in the daily lives and routines of our country’s people. And one of our favorite of these experiences is yoga!

The ancient practice of yoga dates back thousands of years. In our spiritually-oriented culture, many Myanmar people practice yoga daily. More recently, yoga has grown in popularity in other parts of the world. What we love about yoga is that anyone can do it and without a lot of hassle- there is no equipment or special clothes required! While you can do yoga just about anywhere, Myanmar has some stunning sites that serve as a perfect setting in which to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Read on to discover Myanmar Diaries’ favorite places to do yoga!

BAGAN: Sunrise or Sunset yoga on the riverbank

Imagine facing east during triangle pose to see spires of temples rising in the distance. Then turning west to see a shimmering river flowing by. Sounds like a dream, right? Well it’s not! In Bagan, yogis can gaze out at more than 2000 historic religious monuments that sit right alongside the Irrawaddy River. Not only is the setting ideal for yoga, but the town’s rich history and deep spirituality create an added layer of magic to your holistic experience. Soak it all in, with sunrise or sunset sessions- or both!

KALAW: Yoga in the highlands

Cool fresh air, gentle breezes through the pine forests, lush landscapes as far of the eye can see– this is the setting for a yoga experience in Kalaw. Nestled in the Shan Mountains, Kalaw was a popular summer destination for the colonial-era British who fled to the hills for cooler temperatures. Although the town has grown a bit since that period, the surrounding highlands remain as peaceful, undeveloped spaces with noticeably cooler yoga. Waking up early for a sunrise session in Kalaw’s natural setting is pure bliss!


INLE LAKE: Serene Yoga Setting

Stretch your limbs in to warrior pose while gazing across the placid waters of Inle Lake. Inle Lake is one of our favorite places to relax in Myanmar- the gentle rhythms of life on the water are infections. Just watching the locals paddle canoes around the canals or tend to their tomatoes in floating gardens is enough to calm the mind and create a sense of serenity. So, naturally, it is also one of our favorite places to do yoga! Particularly in the early morning and just before dark, the lake is at it’s most tranquil as few motorboats are on the water at that time. Roll out your mat and enjoy the beauty of Inle Lake with an unforgettable yoga session.

As you can see, Myanmar and yoga are the perfect match! If you are a serious yogi, the Myanmar Diaries team offers a 12-day trip that blends regular yoga sessions with our signature cultural excursions. Or if you prefer a less yoga-focused holiday, single yoga sessions can be booked in the destinations we mentioned and even in Yangon and Mandalay!  Just tell your knowledgeable Myanmar Diaries sales consultant what you are looking for and we will create the perfect itinerary that energizes the mind, body and soul!


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