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Yangon local night out

After a day of sight-seeing in Yangon, it is time to experience a different side of the city–its nightlife! Join your local guide for a truly authentic evening adventure.

The best Yangon Night Out tour

Your evening tour begins around 17.00 when most offices close and residents return home, head out to meet friends, or take care of some evening shopping. Start out on the city’s train–a fabulous way to avoid the rush-hour traffic–and catch a glimpse of local life. The train will slowly loop its way through Yangon’s suburbs, stopping often for office workers, school kids, and vendors to hop on and off. You may even spot Buddhist monks or nuns catching a ride on the train. This is a true slice of city life that you would not find anywhere else in the world!

a stroll through the night market

Hop off the train in a residential neighborhood for a stroll through the night market. Your guide will lead you through the maze of stalls where you will see everything from clothes to homewares and fresh produce to ready-made meals. Enjoy the atmosphere and, if you wish, bargain for items with the help of your guide. The friendly vendors are always happy when foreign visitors purchase from them so don’t be shy!

Myanmar’s local restaurants

Continuing your local Yangon Night Out, hop into a trishaw, a pedal-powered taxi, for a ride through bustling neighborhood streets filled with tea shops, food stalls, and “beer stations.” Pop into one of these venues for a cold beer or fruit juice to get a perfect seat for people-watching. Chit chat with your guide, and perhaps other customers while watching the world go by.

Barbeque lovers’ treat

Then, it’s onto the final stop of the evening–a restaurant specializing in barbeque. Yangon residents love any excuse to socialize and barbeque shops are the perfect places. They are casual, open-air venues serving food that is meant to be shared. Join your guide at the barbeque station and select a variety of items, such as meat, fish, a huge selection of vegetables, and if you are feeling adventurous, some more bizarre dishes. Then sit down, order a cold Myanmar draught beer, and wait for the freshly grilled delights to be brought to the table. By eating “family-style,” sharing a lot of dishes, you will fit right in with the locals. After dinner, raise a glass for a toast to celebrate this authentic night out and return to your hotel by taxi for a good night’s sleep.

Myanmar Nightlife

If you do wish to carry on into the night, the guide can help you arrange a taxi to one of Yangon’s bars or nightclubs. Although not quite like Bangkok, the city does have some lively options for night owls!


  • Local encounters 70%
  • Food 90%
  • Must place to see 100%


  • Discovering the city’s vibrant nightlife
  • Mingling with locals as you cross the city by public transport in search of bustling markets and popular food stalls


Note :

  • Guide is available until 22.00 but can help assist with return transportation.
  • Travel by public transport (a surcharge will be applied if taking private car)
  • Snacks included and 2 beverages per person (local beer, soda, or tea/coffee); dinner not included


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