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Yangon Heritage Walk with an Expert

Set off for downtown Yangon for an insightful walking tour. You will be joined by an expert expatriate architect who has spent years studying the city’s buildings and who has been a key player in the preservation of Yangon’s historic buildings. Before hitting the pavement, the expert will share a bit of information about his background and the ongoing efforts to preserve the former capital’s architectural jewels.

Discovering Yangon buildings’ secrets with an architect

Armed with this background information, it’s time to explore the city’s architectural gems. The majority of the buildings were constructed in the late 19th century by the British…yet display different styles. The elegant Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, for example, is a towering white building with large Corinthian-style columns while the Customs House displays an imposing red-brick edifice. Each building has a story to tell–from its past usage to its current purpose. Along the way, the guide will also share with you his or her personal experience with the building…not just about the preservation work but also antidotes and stories of living and working in the shadows of these incredible structures.

Yangon: a living museum

Among some of the buildings visited is the Secretariat, a stunning building that was the scene of General Aung San’s execution. You will learn how this single event played a pivotal role in the country’s history. You will also see excellent cases of adaptive reuse, where once crumbling heritage buildings have been repurposed into restaurants, office buildings, and residences. The stories of their past still echo from the elegant facades and, in some cases, fading colors.

Multicultural diversity in Yangon

While the architecture is the main focus of the tour, the walk also reveals the subtle intricacies of Yangon. Different houses of worship reveal the diversity of the city’s population. The downtown area is home to Christian churches of various denominations, numerous Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, Muslim mosques, animist shrines and even a Jewish synagogue.

Wake up all 5 senses!

As you walk along the streets, it is hard not to be consumed by the charm of Yangon. Aside from its glamorous facades, the city stimulates all the senses. Vibrant fresh markets spill onto the sidewalks, pots of boiling mohinga broth release mouth-watering aromas, a cacophony of sounds from street vendors fill the air, and colorful longyi-clad residents bustle along the streets on their way to work and school.

Upon the conclusion of the walk, it is time to bid farewell to your expert guide.

  • Culture immersion 100%
  • Local encounters 80%
  • Must place to see 70%


  • Discovering the enchanting stories and hidden mysteries of Yangon’s colonial buildings
  • Joining an architecture expert for an insightful walking tour–a half-day of wandering along the atmospheric streets of the former capital



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