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Yangon foodie adventure

Bring your appetite! This morning’s tour is all about food!

Bespoken morning markets’ tour in Yangon

Your guide will be waiting at the hotel at 08.00. It is an early start but worth it to catch the markets and tea shops at their busiest. Your first stop is one of the city’s morning markets. Although Yangon is modern in many ways, most residents rely on street markets rather than grocery stores for their daily needs. Amble through the colorful stalls where all sorts of fresh items – from tropical fruits, vegetables, meats and even live fish and frogs – are on offer. Interspersed amongst the fresh items are small shops selling breakfast snacks and noodles. It is not unusual to see office workers and school kids huddled over steaming bowls of Mohinga, Myanmar’s favorite breakfast soup. This is a real slice of local life and your guide will explain about the goods on sale as well as the daily routine of the city’s seven million residents.

Take a bite out of multiculturalism at Yangon’s markets!

Continue around town to another market. You will start to notice the diversity of people and foods being sold. Yangon is a true melting pot of cultures. Many of its residents are of Indian and Chinese descent as well as Shan, Kachin, and other native ethnic groups. One stall may be selling Indian flat breads while the next is selling Chinese dumplings and yet another is selling Shan noodles. The sights and smells mix into a glorious kaleidoscope that must be experienced in order to be understood. Of course, you will also have a chance to sample some of these items and taste the exotic flavors of Yangon’s street food.

Indulge in Myanmar’s breakfast treats

Then it’s time to partake in a Myanmar tradition with a visit to a tea shop. Unlike the Western world where morning coffee is often bought “on the run” to take to the office, Myanmar residents make time to sit down and savor their caffeine fix. Pull up a stool at one of the city’s hundreds of tea shops and join the locals in this ritual. You will sample tea, but not just any tea! The black tea, grown in the country’s highlands, is mixed with a generous spoonful of sweetened condensed milk and often a small shot of evaporated milk on top. Plain green tea is served on the side to balance the intense flavors with a milder drink. Choose from a selection of snacks or breakfast noodles to enjoy while observing the lively tea shop’s activities.

Real life experiences

With a full belly, continue on the foodie trail. Each neighborhood in Yangon has a distinctive charm and as you wander in search of more markets and snacks, you will notice the diversity of the city at each turn. Your guide will show you residential streets and hidden corners of the city rarely seen by tourists, giving you a first-hand look at what it is like to live and work in Yangon.

Yangon: definitely a must-see in Myanmar

Around mid-day, you will arrive at the final stop of this Yangon food adventure–a popular curry shop. Despite the name, this meal is quite unlike the curry found in Thailand and India. The broth is generally tomato-based, mixed with garlic, onions, and other herbs as well as a large dose of oil. Your guide will explain how the meal is normally eaten, scooping the meat out of the oil, and then choosing from an assortment of vegetables, salads, and spices that are served as side dishes.

Satiated by this morning of culinary indulgence, it is easy to understand why Myanmar people are so happy–the food they eat on a daily basis is fabulous! With your Yangon food tour coming to a close, return to the hotel for a rest.

  • Local encounters 80%
  • Food 100%
  • Must place to see 70%


  • Spending a morning immersed in Yangon’s food scene
  • Discovering Myanmar’s rich culinary culture as you rub elbows with the locals at markets, street stalls, and authentic restaurants



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