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You are about to discover the most vibrant city in Myanmar–Yangon. This is definitely an inescapable step for your in-depth discovery of the country. This wise combination of past, present, arts, and religion will never stop surprising you and will leave you mesmerized. Once a British colony, Yangon is today a charming cosmopolitan city boasting a colorful scenery and multicultural fabric. You are about to be one of the few people to discover the many faces of this gorgeous and – still relatively isolated – Southeast Asian jewel.


Asia’s unique country awaits

Actually, there is no place on Earth like Myanmar if you want to sample the untouched beauty of an authentic country. As you step into the cultural and commercial heart of Myanmar, you realize that this mesmerizing place is far better than you could have ever imagined. Who has never wanted to discover a hidden temple in a narrow street or get lost in the outskirts of Yangon far from the beaten tracks? Well, this is exactly what Myanmar has to offer you–a journey of a lifetime through a fascinating country still unknown by many travelers.


The great Shwedagon Pagoda

If you had to choose one Asian country to write on your bucket list, the Golden Land would be the one. Starting your journey in Yangon, your first stop will be the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda situated in the heart of Yangon. This 99-meter high breath-taking pagoda covered with gold is the perfect photo opportunity for scenic images of magical Yangon. You will climb on top of the pagoda by one of its four majestic staircases; and, as you climb the stairs, you will get a first-hand understanding of Buddhism, the cornerstone of the country’s culture. More than a religion, you will soon learn that Buddhism is a way of life that is respected in most parts of the country.


Giant Buddha statues

In addition to housing the most revered pagoda in the country, Yangon will also seduce you with its bustling atmosphere which balances with its religious heritage. No matter how many pictures of temples you have seen before, you would not like to miss out on the visit to the Kyauktatgyi Pagoda with its gigantic reclining Buddha or the inspiring Sule Pagoda… soak in the spiritual atmosphere!

After a busy day of sight-seeing, slow down and enjoy a walk along the Kandawgyi Lake among local friends and families.


Heading for some shopping at the market

Apart from being the main entrance and exit of the country, Yangon may also be the best place to buy some souvenirs to bring back home. Go to Bogyoke Market and wander around the various stalls to find handicrafts hailing from around the country. Are you seeking architectural treasures? You can also head downtown for a walk among stunning, typical British colonial buildings sharing the space with Burmese architecture.


Street food and local restaurants

Haven’t had time to sample the typical Burmese food yet? If you are up for an authentic experience, the local tea shops and beer stations will never disappoint you–it is probably the best way to end the day…alongside friendly locals who gather in those small street restaurants after work or school! They offer a wide range of mouth-watering dishes to satisfy any hunger…and to quench your thirst. But, Myanmar is more than just street food and religion. Myanmar’s people are among the friendliest population in the world. The encounters will probably be the highlight of your journey. They are excited to meet you and are so welcoming that you could never forget their smiles and kindness.


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  • The Shwedagon Pagoda and the Sule Pagoda
  • The beautiful colonial buildings
  • The Bogyoke Aung San Market for all kinds of Myanmar crafts
  • The very attractive parks by the lake
  • The circular train going all around the city

  • From October to May


Green retreat and Golden Rock

Our ‘Green Retreat’ is a perfect way to wrap up your Myanmar holiday! Take a short road journey to historic Bago and enjoy a memorable stay at the charming Bulae Inn Villas. Then continue to Golden Rock, joining locals on a spiritual pilgrimage that will bring you good fortune for your trip back home.

14 jours – Voyage en Birmanie en petit groupe

Découvrez en 14 jours les plus belles richesses de la Birmanie, des temples majestueux de Bagan au train circulaire à Yangon, en passant par les surprenants marché flottants du Lac Inle et les magnifiques paysages de Pindaya.

Foodie Adventure in Yangon

Market stalls piled with colorful tropical fruit, sweet tea served with savory samosas, feasts of curries–is your mouth watering yet? Spend a morning immersed in Yangon’s food scene, discovering Myanmar’s rich culinary culture as you rub elbows with the locals at markets, street stalls, and authentic restaurants.


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