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The world second largest ringbell – Mingun Bell

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The world second largest Mingun Bell

Located in the bank of Ayeyarwaddy river, in Sagaing region, Mingun is a village well- known for its fascinating Mingun Bell. This small town is one of the four ancient cities around Mandalay and it is rich of historical and cultural heritage, including monasteries and meditation centers to explore. As it is about 11 km from Mandalay, you can reach it by many kind of transportation. With the boat, it takes only about 45 minutes via the Ayeyarwaddy river, once arrived at the jetty, you can jump on an horse cart and go around.

Discover the ancient city “Mingun” and its impressive Bell… 

Mingun Bell Discovery

Known as the second largest bell in the world, Mingun Bell weights 55555 viss (Burmese measurement) or 90 tons, and has a diameter of almost 5 meters. Its height is about 13 feet tall. The bronze bell, situated near the Mingun temple, was commissioned by King Bodawpaya in 1808. Visiting the bell alone will never be as enriching as when combined with a visit to the Mingun temple, because of their common history related to the superstitious King Bodawpaya. Engraved on the big bell, Burmese words say “Min Phyu Hman Hman Phyo” which refere to 5 consonants revoking astronomical and numerological symbols.


Mingun Pahtodawgyi Temple

Both Mingun Bell and Mingun Pahtodawgyi are joined together. The construction of this temple began in 1970 to the height of 164 which was one third of its final expected height (500 feet tall). However, this unfinished temple was unfortunately affected by a strong earthquake in 1839, and it is now part of the remarkable heritage of the area.



Mya Thein Tan Pagoda

Mya Thein Tan Pagoda, also known as Hsinbyume Pagoda, was built by King Bagyidaw in 1816. Constructed in memory of the very first wife of the Hsinbyume prince, the pagoda boasts a unique architecture. Facing the Ayeyarwaddy river, the pagoda is laid just next to the Mingun Temple. This pagoda was dedicated to princess Hsinpyume and was restored in 1874 by King Mindon after the heavy damages of the earthquake in 1838.




Mingun is one of the best places to explore local life and a good place to learn an ancient historical effect. It is very good to combine your trip to Ava, Sagaing and Mingun where you have a perfect local experience and discover the ancient historical factors or continue your trip to have lunch at local house (Thone Say Pay). Visiting this place will make an endless source of shiny memories during your trip.


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