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A visit to Pindaya

Located in Taunggyi district in Shan State, Pindaya is a quiet town perched on the bank of the placid Pone Talote Lake. The town is well known for many different products and its limestone caves where thousands of Buddha images have been revered for many decades. It is also one of the towns that hosts a large and bustling market every five days.  The best time to go to Pindaya is from November to April because there are many trekking areas and paths can get slippery during the wet season which is from May to October.

Myanmar - Pinayda - Cave

Things to do

– The Pindaya caves are home to a thousand Buddha images, which makes it unique in the country. You can access the caves either by a long staircase or there are elevators for those less enthusiastic about climbing! Inside the cave, there are many rooms where the Buddha images are located. If you are interested in Buddhism or not, this cave is fascinating because it is a real labyrinth. There is even a small cave which you can access only by crawling on your hands and knees.

– The local market of Pindaya is quite small but you can find some very tasty food there.

– You can also visit an umbrella workshop, which is very typical of Pindaya. Observe the dedicated work of the artisans, who can cut wood in a few minutes to transform it into a functional umbrella.

– It is possible to do trekking in Pindaya and the village is actually very famous for trekking. People often go for a 3 hour trek to access the caves. You will pass through villages and observe some locals work. Some of them will even invite you to stay a few minutes to show you what they do for a living. The weather is quite nice in Pindaya, which will make the trekking pleasant.  In addition, the landscape of this area is absolutely breathtaking.

– Go visit a tea plantation! It’s very typical of Pindaya and the tea leaf salad is very tasty.


How To Get There

There are many ways to reach Pindaya.

– Fly from Yangon to Heho – Bus to Pindaya: The journey from Heho to Pindaya lasts 3 hours. There are ATMs at Heho Airport and small restaurants are located all the way to Pindaya. Take a bus from Kalaw to Pindaya: When visitors are in Kalaw, they can easily go to Pindaya by minibus or tuktuk and the trip lasts 2 hours.

– Take a bus from Yangon to Pindaya: Many buses go from Yangon to Pindaya. The trip lasts 11 hours.

– Take a bus from Bagan to Pindaya: Many buses go from Bagan to Pindaya. The trip lasts 9 hours.

Pindaya is a quiet spot and the climate there is more comfortable than the sweltering heat of Yangon. The Shwe Oo Min Pagoda takes place in Pindaya in February. This is a major event for the Taunguo, Pa-O and Danu tribes. The activities are varied and include traditional dances, music, and other attractions.


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