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Ngapali Hiking: A walk through the Jungle in Ngapali

Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails for an unforgettable hike near Ngapali Beach. Although the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are hard to leave behind, this hike is certainly worth it. Few visitors realize the natural beauty that lies just beyond the beach and today you will be one of the privileged adventurers who discover this stunning land.

Ngapali Hiking: Tailor-made hike in Ngapali’s jungle

Along with a local hiking guide, take a short trip from the hotel to the starting point. The hike will take around 3-4 hours, with plenty of chances to stop along the way for photos or rest.

You will pass through small villages and rice fields, getting a chance to learn about the local ways of life in rural Myanmar. Then, the trail enters a tropical jungle, an area teeming with wildlife. Keep your eyes on the lookout for exotic bird species and unusual tropical insects as well as beautiful flowers and trees. Your guide will point out some rare flora and fauna only found in this small corner of Myanmar.

Ngapali hiking: Making the most of Ngapali’s jungle

Continue climbing, making your way higher and higher into the Rakhine Hills. Just when your legs are starting to get tired, you will pop out on an elevated viewpoint where you will have breath-taking views in all directions. Look west to where the coastline of Ngapali can be seen and east where the ridged peaks of the Rakhine Mountain Range rise dramatically in the distance.

Allow the views to sink in, breathe in the fresh air and take plenty of photos before returning to the trail for the return trek. Make your way back down to sea level, winding down through Ngapali’s jungle to where the vehicle is waiting. Transfer back to your hotel where a swim in the clear waters of the Bay of Bengal is the perfect post-hike reward.

  • Local encounters 80%
  • Nature lovers 90%
  • Go off the beaten path 100%


  • Discovering the natural beauty of the Rakhine state
  • Hiking through verdant rice paddies, small villages, and dense tropical jungles to an elevated viewpoint where you will be treated to spectacular views of the coastline



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Ngapali Beach Stay

Peace, privacy, and the stunning nature above all are what define Myanmar’s Ngapali Beach. There are no mundane venues, no crowded clubs, and no packed bars. There’s plenty to discover around Ngapali. You can dive or snorkel around the many islands offshore, ride a bike to the fishermen’s villages, and more.


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