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At Myanmar Diaries, we want to go the extra mile for you. We haven’t chosen our motto “Inspirational Journey” by mistake, we praise ourselves in delivering authentic, genuine experiences that will remain etched in your memories. Whether you are looking to delve into Buddhist culture, to escape in untouched landscape, to eat your way through the country or to simply relax and enjoy some quality time, our specialists will create with you a tailor made experience that will meet all of your expectations. According to us, a successful journey is the one that triggers your emotions. The smell of spices in the streets of Yangon, the sight of Shwedagon shimmering golden stupa, the ruggedness of a centennial teak wood monastery, the taste of Burmese cuisine or the monks chanting at dusk – a travel experience is intrinsically linked to our five senses. At Myanmar Diaries, we understand that not two travelers can experience a country the same way. Because our team of travel experts know every corner of the country, they will deliver you the best experiences that will inspire you and let you with the desire to travel even more. Let us show you some of the best travel experiences we can deliver you!


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