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Travel by cruise in Myanmar

There are many modes of travel, and each person has their own preference. Some prefer the speed of planes, some the sights and sounds of trains. For us however, nothing beats a leisurely cruise among spectacular scenery, and where better to do this than along the Irrawaddy river in the heart of Myanmar. Best enjoyed in the cold season between November and February, cruising in Myanmar offers endless customization, a unique view of the country and most importantly, plenty of opportunities to sit back, relax, and watch the world go by. Here is our travel guide to cruises in Myanmar.



Activities on cruises vary from boat to boat and route to route, but typically combine sightseeing of local villages and attractions with visits to various handicraft workshops and factories. On a typical Mandalay – Bagan cruise, for example, you will visit local markets along the river at towns like Pakokku and Yandabo. Pakkuko is famous for its production of Thanakha, the decorative yellow cream many Burmese people apply to their faces, while Yandabo is renowned for its production of beautiful traditional pottery. Other activities range from trips to local libraries to find out more about the history of Myanmar and local people to performances of traditional dances and puppetry.




We advise tourists to come to Myanmar in the cool season, as the weather is much more pleasant than the rest of the year. Expect clear skies, little to no rain and cool, agreeable temperatures, particularly in the evenings. Cruising is still possible in the hot and rainy seasons, but will not be as comfortable.

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Cruises in Myanmar may seem a little different to those in other countries as they are traditionally decorated for a truly immersive experience. Boats often incorporate teak wood and Burmese ornamentation into the design, and are very beautiful. They offer a comparable degree of comfort and cleanliness to cruises in other south-Asian countries.



There is no need to worry about the quality and variety of food onboard a Burmese cruise; almost all boats offer an excellent selection of western and Asian dishes, as well as cool and refreshing drinks such as fresh fruit juice (a staple of the Myanmar diet), beers and excellent local and foreign wines.

Taking a cruise transforms the arduous nature of a journey from A to B into an experience, especially for those who love peaceful surroundings and the quiet bliss of nature. There is no more relaxing way to travel around Myanmar, and the great variety of options available ensures that there is something for everyone. Please get in touch and we will tailor-make the perfect cruising experience for you.


14 jours – Voyage en Birmanie en petit groupe

Découvrez en 14 jours les plus belles richesses de la Birmanie, des temples majestueux de Bagan au train circulaire à Yangon, en passant par les surprenants marché flottants du Lac Inle et les magnifiques paysages de Pindaya.

Lawkananda Pagoda Oil Lamp Ceremony

As the sun sets over Bagan, join locals to illuminate hundreds of small candles at the base of a serene pagoda. Earn merit and gain a deeper understanding of Buddhism through this authentic, local experience.

Food Donation to Monks

Discover the deep spiritualism of Myanmar by partaking in a special Buddhist ceremony. Visit a monastery in Bagan and donate food to monks and receive a traditional blessing in return. This serene experience is certain to bring you closer to Myanmar’s culture and to create lasting memories.


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