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Transformational Travels

Experiences that will make your heart swell, your eyes tear, your feet wander, your tongue salivate, and your mind open up await you with our Transformational Tours. No one leaves a new country the same if the experiences were authentic and the encounters with the local people were heartfelt. Contemplate the tranquility of rural life here in a bamboo forest or reflect on spirituality while watching the sun rise amongst temple-studded plains. Rejuvenate your mind and body through private yoga sessions and nourish yourself with healthy, hearty meals cooked by local people in their own homes. Treat yourself to this truly transformational journey through our enchanting Myanmar and you will surely leave a different person.

Green retreat and Golden Rock

Our ‘Green Retreat’ is a perfect way to wrap up your Myanmar holiday! Take a short road journey to historic Bago and enjoy a memorable stay at the charming Bulae Inn Villas. Then continue to Golden Rock, joining locals on a spiritual pilgrimage that will bring you good fortune for your trip back home.

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Yoga Retreat and Rural Living

Connect with nature on a multi-day retreat to Kalaw Hill Lodge! The hotel’s highland location serves as the backdrop for guided meditation and yoga sessions, organic farming experiences and memorable treks through rural villages… the perfect combination for nature lovers of all ages!

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Discover Untouched Paradise

Awake each morning to partake in expert-led yoga sessions then spend the rest of the day exploring tropical islands and dining on fresh local food. This week-long holistic holiday is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized!

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