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Tranquil Inle: Sunrise on the lake

Getting up early has never been so rewarding! This morning, awaken in the dark for a chance to see Inle Lake at its most magical. Travel by long-tail motor boat into the center of the lake, zipping along the calm waters in the pre-dawn hours.

Peaceful Sunrise on Inle Lake

Upon reaching the middle, the driver will switch off the engine resulting in a dramatic calm. At this hour of the morning, few, if any, motor boats are on the lake. Only a few fishermen are likely to be around, rowing their canoes silently as they cast their nets for fish. Close your eyes and let the tranquility sink in. Now, it is time to enjoy a perfect sunrise on Inle Lake.

Morning coffee on beautiful Inle Lake

As the boat gently drifts along the water, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Slowly, the outline of the Shan hills will begin to sharpen as the sun begins to rise. With each passing moment, the colors shift and bring more clarity to the stunning scenery that surrounds you. At this hour, the lake’s residents begin to rise and you will hear distant sounds of villages coming to life. Boats will begin to appear, carrying kids on their way to school or transporting mounds of colorful produce to the market. This is Inle Lake at its most authentic!

Discovering Myanmar’s daily life on the Lake

The driver will switch on the engine and transport you through one of these vibrant villages, giving you a closer look at life on the water. As the lake becomes increasingly busy with morning traffic, return to the hotel for breakfast and a chance to reflect back upon this morning’s serene and surreal beginning.

  • Nature lovers 100%
  • Go off the beaten path 80%
  • Must place to see 90%


  • Being swept away by the serenity of Inle Lake with this magical early morning tour
  • Enjoying the silence along the tranquil waters and the beauty of Myanmar’s iconic natural lake



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