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Traveling is a positive experience for everyone, and it allows us to experience other cultures and open our eyes when it comes to our own. It has been said that the more we travel, the more experience we gain; and therefore, the more we learn.

Myanmar offers one of the world’s best travel experiences. The country has a rich culture vastly different to that of the West. Myanmar is rich with unique traditions that have stood the test of time, majestic religious monuments and a fascinating, if at times tragic, history. The landscapes are diverse from pristine beaches to towering mountains and the people are diverse as well with more than 300 ethnic groups residing within Myanmar’s borders. The gentle nature and warm hospitality of the locals never fails to impress visitors. There truly is something for everyone.

There is also no better time to come and experience Myanmar. The country is undergoing a slow but noticeable transition, bringing about positive improvements for locals and visitors alike.

Local Night Out in Yangon

Want to know what happens in Yangon after the sun goes down? Dive headfirst into the city’s vibrant nightlife, mingling with locals as you cross the city by public transport in search of bustling markets and popular food stalls. This will certainly be a night to remember!

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Bagan

Set off in the dark for a sunrise hot-air balloon ride over Bagan–an unforgettable Myanmar experience unlike any other. Coast above the plains of central Myanmar, capturing a bird’s-eye view of more than 2,000 pagodas and the glimmering Irrawaddy River.

Cooking Class at a Local’s House

Get a true taste of Myanmar’s culture with a local Bagan cooking class. Step into a family’s home for a morning of culinary indulgence learning about traditional food and local life while preparing a meal. Discover the secrets to preparing authentic Myanmar cuisine and savor the delicious results!

Ngapali Hiking: A walk through the jungle in Ngapali

Venture beyond the white sandy beaches of Ngapali to discover the natural beauty of Rakhine state. Hike through verdant rice paddies, small villages, and dense tropical jungles to an elevated viewpoint where you will be treated to spectacular views of the coastline.

E-Bike in Bagan

Embrace the true spirit of Bagan, using an e-bike to explore the town’s famous archeological zone. Travel from temple to temple along quiet paths, stopping as often as you like to snap photos of the remarkable views or to chat with the friendly locals you encounter along the way.

Tea Shops and Food Tour by Trishaw

Travel by local pedal-powered trishaws through vibrant neighborhoods, stopping to browse produce markets and rub elbows with the locals at popular tea shops. Along the way, tantalize the taste buds with traditional snacks and other mouth-watering delights. 

Lunch at a Local’s House in Bagan

The best way to understand a new culture is to partake in a truly local dining experience. And this Bagan excursion does just that! Learn about Myanmar and its people as you enjoy a traditional meal in a local family’s home.

Hiking to Mya Kha Nauk

Escape from the tourist trail and discover the beautiful natural surroundings of Mandalay. This hiking adventure is a challenge but it rewards with sweeping views of the Shan Hills, fresh air, and solitude. If you are looking to get your blood pumping during your Myanmar holiday, hiking on Mya Kha Naung is the perfect excursion.

Around the lake by bike

Hop on a bike to explore the shores of Inle Lake. Discover small villages and get a glimpse of authentic Inle life away from the tourist trail. Pedal past farms and fields, stopping to chat with the locals or to snap photos of the beautiful scenery.

Nunnery Lunch in Sagaing

Satisfy your taste buds and your spiritual side with a unique dining experience. Visit a tranquil Buddhist nunnery in Sagaing, learning about the lives of the resident nuns and enjoying a delicious lunch prepared in their traditional kitchen.

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Suggested itineraries for Myanmar:

Across the Hills of Southern Shan State

Head to the hills for an unforgettable hiking adventure in Myanmar’s Shan State. Spend five days on foot, crossing through miles of pristine forest, fertile farmland, and lush, rolling hills.

Lawkananda Pagoda Oil Lamp Ceremony

As the sun sets over Bagan, join locals to illuminate hundreds of small candles at the base of a serene pagoda. Earn merit and gain a deeper understanding of Buddhism through this authentic, local experience.

Food Donation to Monks

Discover the deep spiritualism of Myanmar by partaking in a special Buddhist ceremony. Visit a monastery in Bagan and donate food to monks and receive a traditional blessing in return. This serene experience is certain to bring you closer to Myanmar’s culture and to create lasting memories.


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