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MD was outstanding in all aspects of our trip planning and logistics. Just returned from Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle. Guides were excellent, everything was as promised and most importantly the communications were always quick and responsive. We are not normally the type to have a planned tour b…

Myanmar Destinations



Discover Bagan

Are you ready to fall in love? Be prepared as we are taking you to the breathtaking ancient city of Bagan. The archaeological site boasts the largest number of Buddhist monuments with close to 2,500 temples, stupas, pagodas and monasteries spread around the plain. Keep your eyes wide open, what you are about to witness is truly captivating. We have designed the best Bespoke Bagan Tours for you.



Discover Dawei

Dawei is one of Myanmar’s biggest trading towns but, based on appearances, it’s hard to believe. There are no high rise buildings, no fancy shopping malls and few luxury cars on the roads. In fact, the streets are lined with leafy palm and betel trees and dozens of colonial-era buildings are found throughout the town center. Combine this laid-back atmosphere with friendly residents and miles of undeveloped coastline and you get Dawei: a town unlike any other. Although it is not on many tourists radar, those who do visit Dawei inevitably fall in love with it. Let Myanmar Diaries introduce you to Dawei and the wonders it holds.


Golden Rock


Discover Golden Rock

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be sitting on the edge of a cliff, 1000 meters above sea level? As crazy as it sounds, this is what Golden Rock allows you to experience. The impressive rock and the small village suspended high in the clouds are one of the most surreal places in Myanmar – and is unique in the world. On top of its highly spiritual atmosphere, Golden Rock has something magical… The legend says that the Rock stands balanced on the edge of the cliff thanks to a single strand of the Buddha’s hair.


Hpa An


Discover Hpa An

Welcome to Hpa An, the off beaten track week end trip you had been waiting for. The biggest challenge with “Hpa An” is to find how to pronounce it correctly but then everything is calm and voluptuousness. Very few tourists take time to visit Hpa An during their journey around Myanmar and they do not know what they are missing on. This is why, at Myanmar Diaries, as a local agency, we are proud to take you to some remote gems around our Golden land. Caves, hikes, walks and tasty food: here is what you should expect from this Southern Kayin state capital city.




Discover Hsipaw

Looking for an adventurous addition to your Myanmar holiday that doesn’t take you too far off the grid? Look no further than Hsipaw! This sleepy northern Shan town used to be a secret that only a few travelers knew. These days it is a common stop for nature lovers but still retains its charm. The surrounding hills are filled with great trekking trails, quaint villages and hidden waterfalls– it would be easy to spend a week here simply wandering around. But read on to learn about Myanmar Diaries favorite things to do in Hsipaw.


Inle Lake

Discover Inle Lake

Close your eyes for a minute and picture yourself in heaven, surrounded by quiet waters: you are in Inle Lake – one of Myanmar most iconic destination where leg rowing fishermen cast their nets at sunrise surrounded by floating gardens in the backdrop where stilt houses are hiding ,

Located 885 meters above sea level, Inle Lake is a never-ending surprise. You will cruise around this breath-taking lake and will soon understand why this place is like no other – and undoubtedly different from the rest of the country. The lake offers both cultural interests with exciting visits and the beauty of an untouched nature . Moreover, you want to meet with the villagers of the lake. Silk, cigars, silver or wood carvings are just a few of the many crafts produced around the lake.



Discover Kalaw

Yangon? Mandalay? Bagan? You could not say which city you preferred. Myanmar is such a never-ending surprise to you, a lifetime journey you dreamt of. So now, what about taking a break from those bustling cities and head to some different place, to Kalaw. We are taking you to what used to be a popular summer retreat for the British during the 1800s. It is time for you to escape the heat of the lowlands and have some quality time up in the hills.


Kyaing Tong

Discover Kyaing Tong

Myanmar is a massive country that is full of hidden jewels only discovered by intrepid tourists. Kyaing Tong is one of these jewels. Not far from the Golden Triangle, where Myanmar, Thailand and Laos converge, this vibrant town is a melting pot of various ethnic groups and traditions. In addition to these cultural wonders, Kyaing Tong is surrounded by pristine mountain landscapes and isolated hill tribe villages. A Kyaing Tong extension is the perfect adventure to add on to any Myanmar holiday. Here we share Myanmar Diaries insider tips to making the most of your Kyaing Tong adventure.



Discover Mandalay

Steeped in culture and filled with historic sites, Mandalay is one of Myanmar’s most captivating cities. From the world famous U Bein Bridge to the languid waters of the Irrawaddy River, the city is also one of Myanmar’s most spread out. You would need weeks to see all that the city has to offer, but Myanmar Diaries can help you make the most out of a short visit to Mandalay. Learn about the must-see highlights as well as some lesser known destinations in our Mandalay travel guide.



Discover Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine may be Myanmar’s fourth largest city but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. The charming riverside town served as the capital of Lower Myanmar during the British Colonial era and it seems, at times, that little has changed since that time. Lovely colonial buildings and leafy palm trees line the streets with glittering temple spires popping up in between. Thanks to its proximity to Yangon and this distinctly different atmosphere, Mawlamyine is slowly making its way onto the tourist map. It is also one of Myanmar Diaries favorite destinations. Read on to learn why!


Mergui Archipelago

Discover Mergui Archipelago

With more than 800 pristine islands to explore and turquoise waters as far as the eye can see, the Mergui Archipelago is the ultimate tropical paradise. This sun-kissed stretch of islands is located off the south-western coast of Myanmar in the Andaman Sea, yet few tourists know about this hidden gem. If you are looking for a multi-day island-hopping adventure, look no further. Myanmar Diaries can take you on a journey that shows you the natural beauty and secret wonders of the Mergui Archipelago. Here is a glimpse of what this southern jewel has to offer…



Discover Monywa

Going to Mandalay or Bagan? Then you need to take a small detour into the lovely Monywa. Colorful pagodas and temples, history-filled gems, hidden caves and spectacular Buddha statues await you. Myanmar really is a country that keeps amaze you and is full of surprises such as Monywa and its surroundings. Once more, we are taking you to the past on a visit of a charming and still not touristy place.


Mount Popa

Discover Mount Popa

Bagan never fails to captivate and you could easily spend weeks of your Myanmar holiday exploring the town’s ancient monuments. But just beyond the edges of the Archaeological Zone lies Mount Popa, a 3-million-year-old extinct volcano soaring above the flat planes of Myanmar’s dry zone. The volcano’s plug is believed to be the home of the nats, Myanmar’s mythological spirits. A visit to Mount Popa is a chance to learn about this unique and fascinating aspect of the local culture. Myanmar Diaries shares with you our tips for how to make the most of your Mount Popa tour.


Mount Victoria

Discover Mount Victoria

Combining natural beauty and cultural wonders, the area around Mt Victoria in Myanmar’s central Chin State, is an ideal destination for adventurous visitors. The journey there is not for the faint at heart, with rugged roads and simple, yet comfortable, accommodation on the way. But the rewards are endless. Imagine spectacular views from Myanmar’s third-highest peak. Envision meeting Chin villages where little has changed over time. Picture rough roads shrouded in dense fog and surrounded by jungle. Does all of this sound like a good adventure? If so, then read on to learn more about Myanmar Diaries’ Mt Victoria highlights.


Mrauk U

Discover Mrauk U

Ancient temples? Check. Beautiful, lush highlands? Check. Untouched traditional culture? Check. Tourist crowds? No! Mrauk U is one of those rare places where you can explore remarkable sites without seeing other tourists. Due to its remote location on the Kaladan River in the west of Myanmar, it takes a bit of effort to reach Mrauk U but the rewards are endless. Let the team at Myanmar Diaries plan the perfect Mrauk U tour for you – combining hassle-free transport and unique guided excursions to show you the best of this ancient kingdom.


Nay Pyi Taw

Discover Nay Pyi Taw

If you are the type of traveler who likes to discover the more quirky, more obscure side of a country then add Nay Pyi Taw to your Myanmar holiday itinerary. The city was purpose built in the early 2000s to serve as the capital, which it officially became on 11 November 2005 at 11.00AM. A few glimmering pagodas and imposing government buildings make for interesting photos but the utter bizarreness of the city is the real attraction. Here are some tips from the team at Myanmar Diaries for making the most of your visit to the capital city!



Discover Ngapali

You cannot help checking lists such as the “top 10 beaches in the world” and no photoshopped pictures convince you so much? You dream about a white sand paradise but do not want to share it with hordes of tourists? Well, we know that one place where your dreams come true and it is called Ngapali. Myanmar’s unspoiled beaches will just blow your mind, as it may be one of the very few places like this remaining on earth.


Ngwe Saung

Discover Ngwe Saung

Myanmar’s coast stretches nearly 2000 kilometers from top to bottom, yet the country does not yet have the reputation as a beach destination. An increasing number of travelers are heading to Ngapali Beach in the northwest but the trip there entails a domestic flight and the hotels are quite pricey. If you are short on time and have a limited budget, a Myanmar beach break may seem out of reach. But we are going to let you in on a little secret – Ngwe Saung. Located five hours drive west of Yangon, this charming coastal town has 15 kilometers of beach and a large selection of budget and midrange hotels. So if you are seeking sun and sand at the end of your Myanmar holiday then read on to learn more about Ngwe Saung.



Discover Pakkoku

On first appearance, Pakokku seems like a normal Myanmar town and, in many ways, it is. But it is perhaps the best place to get a feel for the country’s transition into modernity. Here in Pakokkudeep traditions thrive and ancient ruins can be found yet there is also a proliferation of mobile phone shops and a large student population who sport modern hair styles and internationally-influenced clothes. Although many visitors pass through on their way from Bagan to Monywa or from Bagan to the Chin State, few tourists stop to explore. If the blend of old and new intrigues you, then we suggest spending a half or full day exploring all that Pakokku has to offer.



Discover Pindaya

Many visitors to Myanmar include a quick stop to Pindaya, passing through for an hour or two on the way to Kalaw or Inle Lake. But let us tell you a little secret: Pindaya has so many great things to see, it is well worth staying a night or two! Rich cultural traditions, pristine natural landscapes, outdoor activities, cool fresh air, great food- these are just a few of the reasons that our team at Myanmar Diaries loves Pindaya. And we are happy to share our secret spots with you to help you make the most of your time in Pindaya!



Discover Putao

Are you looking for more off beaten track discoveries? Then it is time to grasp the nettle and head for some untouched Southeast Asian places in surprising Kachin state. You head North to Putao, a village nestled in the mountains. Here you are in one of the most remote place in Myanmar. It feels so good to take a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Here you listen to the silence, connect with nature and fill a new exciting page of your Myanmar diary. Views on the Himalayan Mountains, hanging bridges and encounters with local tribes are the perfect combination for some quality time in Myanmar.


Pyin Oo Lwin

Discover Pyin Oo Lwin

If you like to make holidays rhyme with luxury, calm and voluptuousness then we have this one place you need to visit during your trip around Myanmar. After days sightseeing you decide to take a break and plunged into the surprising colonial-era city of Pyin Oo Lwin. You enjoy the low temperature, the green hills and the western charm of the former British hill holidays station.



Discover Yangon

You are about to discover the most vibrant city in Myanmar: Yangon. This is definitely an inescapable step for your in-depth discovery of the country. This wise combination of past, present, arts and religion will never stop surprising you and will leave you mesmerized. Once a British colony, Yangon is today a charming cosmopolitan city boasting a colorful scenery and multicultural fabric. You are about to be one of the few people to discover the many faces of this gorgeous and – still relatively isolated – Southeast Asia jewel.


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High Tea at the Strand Hotel

Destination: Yangon

Take a break from sightseeing and indulge in a fabulous high tea service at Yangon’s famous Strand Hotel. Enjoy a selection of delectable snacks while soaking up the ambiance of the British-colonial era in this historic landmark building.

Local lunch in a colonial atmosphere

Destination: Mandalay (Pwin Oo Lwin)

Step back in time and experience a slice of Myanmar’s colonial past with this unique dining experience in Pyin Oo Lwin. Enjoy lunch in a historic home, still occupied by descendants of the country’s last royal family. Be captivated by their stories which truly connect you with a bygone era.

Elephant coach city tour in Yangon

Destination: Yangon

Add a memorable twist to your Yangon city tour with a ride on the Elephant Coach. Climb aboard this elegantly-restored antique bus and hit the streets passing by fabulous street scenes and stopping to see historic sites. Enjoy exclusive service and travel in style through Myanmar’s former capital.

Yangon Heritage Walk with Expert

Destination: Yangon

Discover the enchanting stories and hidden mysteries of Yangon’s colonial buildings. Join an architecture expert for an insightful walking tour, a half-day wandering along the atmospheric streets of the former capital. Whether a history buff or an architecture enthusiast, this Yangon walking tour is the ideal window into the city’s colorful past.

Shwedagon pagoda oil lamp ceremony

Destination: Yangon

Capture the magic of Shwedagon Pagoda with a special oil lamp ceremony. After being blessed by Buddhist monks, illuminate a thousand oil lamps around the base of the gilded stupa. Soak up the atmosphere as the river of flames flicker in the quiet evening air at Myanmar’s holiest site.

Irrawaddy sunset cruise with cocktails

Destination: Bagan 

What better way to end a day of sightseeing than with a scenic river cruise? Enjoy a private boat trip along the Irrawaddy River, soaking up views of Bagan’s famous temples and riverside villages. Sip a sunset cocktail and relax on one of Asia’s greatest waterways.


Hot Air Balloon Ride in Bagan

Destination: Bagan 

Waking up early has never been so rewarding! Set off in the dark for a sunrise hot air balloon flight over Bagan, an unforgettable Myanmar experience unlike any other. Coast above the plains of central Myanmar, capturing a bird’s eye view of more than 2,000 pagodas and the glimmering Irrawaddy River.

Food Donation to Monks

Destination: Bagan

Discover the deep spiritualism of Myanmar by partaking in a special Buddhist ceremony. Visit a monastery in Bagan and donate food to monks, receiving a traditional blessing in return. This serene experience is certain to bring you closer to Myanmar’s culture and create lasting memories.

Lunch at local house in Bagan

Destination: Bagan

The best way to understand a new culture is to partake in a truly local dining experience. And this Bagan excursion does just that! Learn about Myanmar and its people as you enjoy a traditional meal in a local family’s home.

Ngapali Trekking: A walk through the Jungle in Ngapali

Destination: Ngapali

Venture beyond the white sandy beaches of Ngapali to discover the natural beauty of the Rakhine state. Trek through verdant rice paddies, small villages, and dense tropical jungles to an elevated viewpoint where you will be treated to spectacular views of the coastline.

Featured Myanmar Holidays

14 jours – Voyage en Birmanie en petit groupe

Destination: Bagan, Pakokku, Monywa, Kalaw, Heho, Pindaya, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Yangon

Découvrez en 14 jours les plus belles richesses de la Birmanie, des temples majestueux de Bagan au train circulaire à Yangon, en passant par les surprenants marché flottants du Lac Inle et les magnifiques paysages de Pindaya.


Across the Hills of Southern Shan State

Destination: Kalaw, Pindaya

Head to the hills for an unforgettable trekking adventure in Myanmar’s Shan State. Spend five days on foot, crossing through miles of pristine forest, fertile farmland and lush rolling hills.

Lawkananda Pagoda Oil Lamp Ceremony

Destination: Bagan

Be enchanted by one of Myanmar’s most serene traditions: an oil lamp lighting ceremony. As the sun sets over Bagan, join locals to illuminate hundreds of small candles at the base of a serene pagoda. Earn merit and gain a deeper understanding of Buddhism through this authentic local experience.

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