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Tourism News: Tourists visit Myanmar via Tachileik Border Gate

The international tourists are continuously entering and visiting in and out of Myanmar through international gateways and cross-border gateways in order to enjoy and observe Myanmar’s natural beauties of landscapes, sceneries, tourist’ attractions various kinds of traditions and customs and social lifestyles. And nearly 500,000 day trip visitors visited Myanmar through the Tachileik border gate in seven months, from April to November 2017, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. This information comes as the number of visitors visiting Myanmar starts to increase as the travel season grips the country.

The tourists who made day return visits went to Tar Lot market, Bayintnaung stature, Mahar Muni pagaoda from Mandalay, Shwedagon pagoda, the national ethnic village, Arr Khar market in Tachilek town. According to the statistics of Ministry of Hotels and Tourisms, 2831 tourists made day return trips whereas 3,417 conducted the overnight trips and 2,350 tourists visited with the holding of visa via the international airport during 1st April to 3rd August, 2017.

There are many natural beauties scenes, eco-tourism sites and archaeological sites in Myanmar. Besides, there is now community-based tourism (CBT) by which tourist can observed the lifestyle of ethnic people. Therefore, the tourists are also visiting border areas these days.


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