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Tourism News: Thandaunggyi has become popular this year

Tourism is widely considered as a tool for development and Myanmar has also taken up the approach in the aim of benefiting a destination economically and socially. Community based tourism is mainly developed in a region to promote interaction between the host and the visitors, providing unique experience about the local way of life. And CBT in return expects to bring in positive changes to the community.

Local visitors are visiting more and more to Thandaunggyi this year as Community Based Tourism is developing in the township and return of the peace to the area eased travel restrictions. Visitors to Thandaunggyi increased daily due to the consequences of peace process in the state.

Thandaunggyi, which is situated in north of Kayin state, has been a summer getaway for the British during the colonial era since 1852. The place was listed on Myanmar’s tourist attractions during a declaration of Visit Myanmar Year in 1996. Number of visitors to Thandaunggyi increased from three digits to five digits in 2012. And CBT was implemented in Thandaunggyi in December 2014. Thandaunggyi Tourism Development Working Group and local stake holders managed to develop socio-economy of the local residents, creating job opportunities and providing facilities to the travelers.

Thandaunggyi started offering B&B stays last year. Now, Travelers can visit the former British Hill Station, Tea Plantation and factory, Small butterfly village, Waterfalls and Hot spring in the surrounding, Naw Bu Baw Mountain, and also explore traditional bamboo baskets, forest walks, and trekking trails cycling. With rich nature attractions and indigenous culture, Kayin State attracted over 187,660 tourists and over 505,260 local visitors as of September this year.

Travel and explore Thandaungggyi which offers the unique experience about the local way of life and bring in positive changes to the community.



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