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We are Sustainable, we are Travelife Partner!

After long hours of dedication our team is proud to share with you the fruits of our hard labor at last: as of July 29, 2018 Myanmar Diaries is an official Travelife Partner. This is a great achievement that is right in line with our will to design trips that respect both your wishes and the beauties of our country regardless of whether they be human or part of the natural environment.


Travelie partner, what does it mean?

The sustainable journeys we design together with you now meet set international standards. Indeed, a Travelife Partner complies with more than 100 different criteria all related to the same sustainability initiative. The criteria chosen by Travelife cover  various topics including for instance: office management, product ranges, energy efficiency and conservation, community relations, and labor practices. These are based directly upon the United Nations’s  ISO 26000 standards on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC).

Sustainable Myanmar

Our official Travelife Partner certification


Who is Travelife?

Travelife is a leading training, management, and certification provider for tourism companies which are striving to implement more sustainable practices in their tours and daily office management. It was established in 2007, in the Netherlands, with the support of the European Commission and still has the support of numerous travel associations [like the Pacific Asian Travel Association (PATA)] that raise awareness on this initiative among their members. Recognized in Europe, their name and values also have an international outreach; they have partners in more than 50 countries all around the world–from Bhutan to Mexico or even from Kenya to Belgium. In Myanmar, where sustainability is full of promise as the country is going through great changes and developing quickly, less than 20 companies have reached the partner level. Myanmar Diaries is proud to be the 18th and we hope to be followed by many more! The potential is huge in Myanmar and we believe a wide range of possibilities exists for everyone. Companies, travelers, residents, and governments alike should all be involved in the universal shift towards more sustainable practices.



Young woman wearing thanaka

What are the next steps?

This partner status is the second stage out of three to reach full Travelife Certification. The first one implies that we have taken the first steps and practices to develop appropriate management procedures. Passing that first stage convinced us that we indeed share the same values with Travelife; sustainability is at the core of our actions and is a fundamental part of our identity.

The second stage recognizes the compliance with around 100 criteria and awards the enterprise with Travelife Partner status. This also represents a big step for our team because we are very happy to see that our efforts led to progressive change and not stagnance.

Our whole team is now focusing enthusiastically on the third stage–the international Travelife Certified level which integrates both management and performance criteria. We consider the whole Travelife process a part of a bigger necessity… we wish to keep sustainability at the heart of our work–at all levels—and, we want you to feel it when traveling throughout Myanmar with us. Only with this commitment can Myanmar Diaries organize journeys that respect our local heritage, culture, and people.


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