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Hotel News: Rose Garden Hotel is Going Green!

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. To reverse this trend, Rose Garden Hotel is taking wonderful action!
Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon has taken the pledge and commit to reducing the usage of plastics. They will not have straws in any of our drinks unless requested by the guests.
They are not serving straws in any of the drinks as a part of their commitments to reduce waste and pollution in Yangon.If you would like a straw in your drink, please ask your bartender.

Another wonderful thing Rose Garden Hotel is doing is they are offering drinking water at their Go Green water station free of charge. So, get your water bottles refill at the station when you stay at Rose Garden Hotel.

Mass plastic use is a huge problem that contributes massive amounts to landfill and has a negative impact on ocean ecosystems:

  • Plastic straws and water bottles don’t get recycled.
  • Plastic constitutes 90% of all trash floating in our oceans indefinitely.
  • Both straws and water bottles are in the top 10 of items picked up during trash cleanups.
  • Drinks taste just as good without a straw and water in the refill bottles taste just as good as that from plastic bottles.

So, be a part of Go Green and care for our planet with us and Rose Garden hotel when you travel Myanmar!

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all photos credit to Rose Garden Hotel


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