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“Traveling; it leaves you speechless,
then turns you into a storyteller”.

At Myanmar Diaries, we agree so much with this statement and want to make sure that your diary is filled with beautiful stories. This is the story of a life-changing journey to a magical country. However, to be even more memorable, it has to be the story of a fair, respectful and viable expedition around MyanmarTourism has become the lifeblood of the Golden land and we are proud to be part of the adventure. 

However, the people of Myanmar, animals, education, environment, human rights deserve to benefit from the presence of our travelers. We tend to embed the best sustainable practices in tourism Myanmar deserves. Making economic development interlace with respect for the environment, local heritage and culture. This is the story of mutual respect for both local people and travelers seeking authentic encounters, looking for the untouched beauty of a country with a strong cultural heritage.

Why sustainability?

In Myanmar, sustainability is not a trend, it is not a luxury, this is whom we are and how we have been protecting our country so far. Respect for others and for the earth is at the core of our travel plans.

Myanmar is the core of our business, but first and foremost, it is our home, the heritage left by our ancestors that we need to protect. For us, home is not a place, it is a feeling. Our home is Myanmar and at Myanmar Diaries, being our guest, we want you to feel just like home.

We want to have a positive impact on what Myanmar will look like 20 years from now. Some of our neighboring countries experienced the great challenge of tourism before us and we want to learn a lesson from them and make sure we do not repeat the errors they made.

Our vision drives our action

At Myanmar Diaries, our values are much more than words, they are actions. Every day, while we take our travelers closer to an authentic local culture, we try to be the best ambassadors of our country minimizing our impact on it. Because we are a human-sized local company, we have a good understanding of the needs and goals of the environment in which you travel.


What do we believe in?

For us, sustainability is much more than an environment conscious way of being. We believe in being “eco-friendly” but we always look at the big picture. Myanmar Diaries strongly advocates a “green” approach for tourism being socio-culturally sustainable. We enhance cross-cultural exchanges and get local people involved in the tourism industry of their country. We do not trust in adapting local customs to travelers, we trust in local people introducing their cultural heritage to the world. This is how we empower locals and ensure a better future to Myanmar.

Our actions:

We are humans planning for lifetime journeys to other human beings, nothing of mass-tourism blindly prepared by machines but tailor-made travel experiencesHuman values are at the core of our little company and every day our work is driven by those values.  That is what makes us more than a typical travel company! Our staff make your travel experience possible and receive the rewards they deserve. Salaries are fair and we make sure that our employees in our offices, our guides and all the staff on spot are fairly paid, treated and trained. As all our staff are employed locally, it allows you a truly authentic experience.

Our commitment to sustainability extends through all phases of your journey’s life cycle, from design of the visits to the contracting of our suppliers and until your arrival on site. We support a viable way of visiting our country: hotels, transports, energy consumption, respect of the land. We always try to make the best decisions from a sustainable point of view. Choosing us is refusing to be a blind tourist and becoming an enlightened traveler in our beautiful golden land. Nevertheless, we founded the “Taung Bi Library” in Bagan. It is free and aloow local people read books and learn about many things.  


We do not…

  • We do not organize visits of schools or orphanages to protect our children.
  • We do not support elephant riding unless we are not 100% sure that elephants are well cared as the ones at the Kalaw green elephant’s center. Birds, dolphins, elephants and our vibrant flora are just examples of things we protect and do not harm.
  • We are also pround of the remote tribes of Myanmar and will never transform their villages into theme parks for tourits. When we work with them, it is included in a fully sustainable process.

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