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Destination News: Temporary closed for Shwedagon Pagoda

There will be a chanting ceremony from 18,000 monks from all over Myanmar for the Shwedagon Pagoda and the donation event of rice to all the monks who will chant at the Shwedagon Pagoda. So, the walking area in the pagoda will be crowded with locals and the monks and it can be inconvenient for the travelers who visit the Shwedagon Pagoda.
For that reason, the pagoda will be closed from morning 7 o’clock, 30th December 2017(just before the start of the event) to afternoon 12 o’clock, 1st January 2018(after the finish of the event).

The visiting of the Shwedagon Pagoda for the oversea travelers will be opened as normal after the event.


Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon


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