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VISIT a Typical Seaside Village in Ngapali

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a tropical paradise? Today is your chance to find out! After breakfast, you will travel to Maung Shwe Lay, a small fishing village on a stunning stretch of beach. Board a wooden motorboat and cast off, traveling across the Bay of Bengal’s turquoise waters. The palm trees lined up along Ngapali Beach fades into the distance as you travel further out to sea.

Exploring Myanmar’s unspoilED shores: Village in Ngapali 

After around 1 hour, the shores of Maung Shwe Lay come into view. Located on a crescent-shaped bay, the village is home to a few dozen families who make a living from fishing and other agrarian activities. Although their life is quite simple compared to the Western world, they are proud of their village and happy to welcome guests.

In fact, today’s excursion was set up by the Muang Shwe Lay community. They wanted to share the traditions of village life with foreign visitors, raise funds for community activities, and to help create jobs for the residents.

  • Local encounters 100%
  • Food 80%
  • Go off the beaten path 90%


  • Escaping to a secluded fishing village where a day of sea, sun, and local encounters await
  • Leaving the shores of Ngapali beach and traveling to Maung Shwe Lay, a hidden tropical gem
  • Exploring the seaside village, dining on fresh seafood, and basking on the beach while supporting the local community



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Ngapali Beach Stay

Peace, privacy, and the stunning nature above all are what define Myanmar’s Ngapali Beach. There are no mundane venues, no crowded clubs, and no packed bars. There’s plenty to discover around Ngapali. You can dive or snorkel around the many islands offshore, ride a bike to the fishermen’s villages, and more.


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