Are you looking for more off the beaten track discoveries? Then it is time to grasp the bull by its horns and head for some untouched Southeast Asian places in surprising Kachin state. You head North to Putao, a village nestled in the mountains. Here you are in one of the most remote places in Myanmar. It feels so good to take a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Here you listen to the silence, connect with nature and fill a new exciting page of your Myanmar diary. Views on the Himalayan Mountains, hanging bridges, and encounters with local tribes are the perfect combination for some quality time in Myanmar.


Let’s get on a plane to Putao

The Golden land abounds with treasures that await and Putao really is one of those.  You reach this Northern region by plane and get to this stunning valley situated near to the borders with Tibet and India. The region is definitely worth the journey. The Himalayan Mountains loom in the far distance and rugged hills surround the town.


The perfect photo stop for stunning mountain pictures

You keep your eyes open wide and embrace each detail of this magnificent wild beauty. Putao is this kind of place on Earth that you do not really visit but that you experiment. Nature is simplicity and peacefulness. Our travelers often claim it to be on their “Top 5 list destinations in Myanmar.” It is a brilliant photo stop and the perfect place to meet with local people. Lisu, Rawang, or Shan tribes are the ones you will cross on your way around the beautiful villages of Putao. Even if very few of them would be able to speak to you in English, they are always happy to meet you. A smile is worth a word in this country where people are said to be among the friendliest in the world.


A natural beauty

Then, you leave for some hiking adventure to meet them and to immerse yourself on what their daily life is made up of. Putao is actually a paradise for hiking lovers as there are so many options of mountain exploring. However, it is also completely family-friendly as the people are so welcoming and you can drive anywhere to make the hike easier. Light nature walks introduce you to regional flora, including the rare Black Orchid, if you are lucky, and bird life.

On your way, you decide to take some time to visit the beautiful stupas and Shan monasteries such as the 200 year-old Kaungmudaw Pagoda. Here, the sun and the seasons regulate people’s lives. They are early birds catching the worm. From the first rays of sunlight, there is so much happening in this natural and peaceful place.


Let’s grab some food at the market

You wake up early and head to the small local market to get a better insight on local life. Food is also playing a big role: so many smells, colors, and intriguing dishes. What about having some delicious Shan noodles for breakfast? As Myanmar is a journey you will never forget, Noodles are likely to become your Proust’s “Madeleine.”

After breakfast, it is time to board on a local fishermen’s boat for an enjoyable cruise on the Malikha River. Again, you step closer to the magic of vibrant nature. After a 2-hour journey you get to Machan Baw. You enter the town by passing a huge suspension bridge over the Malikha River.

The town has cool weather and you feel that all this fauna and flora is just so refreshing. Take some pictures of the colonial-style buildings and here we go again down south to what is known as “Fairy Island” thanks to its lush tropical forests.  It leaves you deeply enchanted with its wild, unique, and out of this world scenery!


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  • The stunning mountain views on the Himalayas
  • The remote and beautiful destination
  • The fascinating colonial-era buildings
  • So many different hiking options

  • From October to May


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