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Preparation for Your Trip to Myanmar

Feeling a bit anxious or lost about packing your stuff to go abroad? Keep calm and don’t worry because here are some useful tips to help you pack the perfect bag to be ready to explore Myanmar!


Pack and Prepare 1: What to bring

  • Clothing

As you may know Myanmar is located near the equator and has two main seasons. If you chose to travel between June to mid-October it’s the rainy season and that means the weather is very humid and hot. Most of the time, it’s an alternation between heavy rains and lulls. So, light and breathable clothes are perfect and a waterproof coat is obviously a must have! If you’d rather explore Myanmar under a pleasant sunny day you should travel from November to May as it’s the best period of the year! Dry season is Myanmar’s winter so nights are bits fresher and windy so don’t forget to add a jacket and a sweater in your luggage! Whatever the season, it’s essential to bring with you a pair of flip flop perfect to wander the city and good walking shoes for trekking. Keep also in mind that you have to cover your shoulders, legs and chest while you visit the temples so make sure to bring something along that can meet those requirements.

  • Communication

Your first concern when you arrive will be communication. Don’t worry; the easiest and cheapest way is to buy a local sim card that you can find at all the corner shops. You’ll then be able to buy some internet data if you like to stay connected during your trip which is also very useful if you need to look for a hotel or if you have any small problems during your trip!

Myanmar has started to implement international roaming agreements with some overseas telecommunication providers. In main cities, such as Yangon and Mandalay, the connections are faster and more consistent than in Inle Lake, Bagan and other more rural areas. You’ll find more and more Cybercafé and hotels that provide free Wi-Fi access but most public spots also offer WIFI for free or at reasonable prices.

Myanmar - Bagan Temple


Pack and Prepare 2: What to do before arrival

  • Visa and Flights

The most important thing before leaving is obviously applying for a visa. Fortunately, many countries are now eligible to apply for an e-visa and that makes the process quite easier and straightforward. You can find further information here. We would recommend you to start your trip in Yangon. It is Myanmar’s former capital and it’s the biggest and most vibrant city in the country. It is an Ideal place to get a taste of local adventures and from there you’ll be able to catch cheap coaches or flights to explore the rest of the country!


Pack and Prepare 3: Health Concerns

As Myanmar is not yet one of the most developed country in medicine, we strongly recommend you to make an appointment with your doctor to do a quick check-up, see the different vaccines he would recommend for you and other basic things you should know.

Don’t forget to take with you some mosquito repellent cream. Malaria and Dengue disease are not very common in Myanmar but it’s never pleasant to be covered in stings. It is also recommended to bring high protection sunscreen as the sun can be very strong and obviously don’t forget to take some basic medicines for stomach pains or diarrhea as your body is maybe not prepared to Asian local food!



With all this information, planning your trip to Myanmar will now be a breeze! If you unfortunately forget anything or don’t want to travel with all the sunscreen, medicines etc. you’ll find some in local pharmacies, local shops or supermarkets selling these items! If you have any questions about matters we didn’t mention above in this article, you are very welcome to send us a comment and we would be more than happy to answer!


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Food Donation to Monks

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