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You cannot help checking lists such as the “Top 10 beaches in the world” and no photoshopped pictures convince you so much? Do you dream about a white sand paradise but do not want to share it with hordes of tourists? Well, we know one place where your dreams can come true and it is called Ngapali. Myanmar’s unspoiled beaches will just blow your mind as it may be one of the very few places like this remaining on Earth.


“Luxury, calmness, and voluptuousness”

This could not describe Ngapali better. Indeed, time has come for some relaxation. You deserve some rest from the country’s most popular sites. Not only is the place about relaxing, enjoying the sun, and the stunning landscapes; but, you also find plenty of activities once you get bored of these idyllic white sand beaches and crystal waters.


Myanmar’s paradise beaches

For now, you indulge in a relaxing day by the beach. Ngapali beach is beautiful–the palm tree-lined sandy shores make your day and you really enjoy that mass tourism has not arriven to such a paradise on Earth. This is a quiet place where you definitely get to have the quality time that you were looking for. There are various options for yummy beachfront dining and prices are not even high.  For a few hours you just live on seafood, scuba diving, and sunshine! Kids and adults are ready for their pony ride on the seashore and life could not be better.


The hidden world under the sea

You discover a wonderful marine life by snorkeling or diving in such breath-takingly crystal clear waters. Here you are in the Bay of Bengal where the fauna and flora are so unique. Then, you decide to hire a bicycle to go around the small fishermen’s villages situated in Ngapali’s surroundings. You wander around all of the villages you find on your way. Life here is so colorful and relaxing. You take your time to learn more about the local people like why they are wearing this thanaka paste on their cheeks or how they live their daily lives.


Stepping into local culture in Maung Shwe Lay village

You decide to spend a day in a typical beachside village, meeting with the friendly local residents of the Maung Shwe Lay Village that you reach within one hour by boat. The place is so quiet that Yangon’s or Mandalay’s hustle and bustle just feels like an old memory now. You can have a ride on an ox cart through the village and stop to visit the school or the monastery. You always have friendly encounters with Myanmar people that are known to be among the friendliest in the world. The country itself is very safe and its people really help make a big difference. Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia that are so familiar with receiving thousands of tourists, here you are in a place that recently opened up to tourism and where so many places have been kept untouched.


Flying above beautiful Myanmar

On your last day, you wake up early and jump on a hot-air balloon. The flight offers such a scenic view of one of the most enchanting places. After 45-60 minutes watching the sun rising over the crystal waters, you descend back to the ground for a light and refreshing breakfast before heading to other adventures. Life has never been so sweet than in this unforgettable country.


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Myanmar Yoga Retreat – Find your Inner Peace in the Golden Land

This trip allows you to practice your yoga in beautiful spots while having enough time to explore the Golden Land with its cultural heritage, spiritual culture, and beautiful landscapes.  The perfect journey to calm your mind. Come and visit us with your yoga group!

Ngapali Beach Stay

Peace, privacy, and the stunning nature above all are what define Myanmar’s Ngapali Beach. There are no mundane venues, no crowded clubs, and no packed bars. There’s plenty to discover around Ngapali. You can dive or snorkel around the many islands offshore, ride a bike to the fishermen’s villages, and more.


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