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Destination News: Myotha National Golf Club

Located on a 688-hectar space, Myotha National Golf Club in Myanmar is going to be something special.

The whole 18 holes golf is expected to be finished in December. But for it to be fully operational with further club house and facilities, it will take time around to April 2018. The construction is currently well under way and it was in charged by American Blayne Hull of Green Dynasty. This construction has started in May with US$ 25 million of investment.

The Mandalay Region government plans to boost the tourism sector from April 2018 onward with this golf club ready. This golf club is said to be one of the top golf courses in Asia by some foreign golfers who visited the golf club. There might be South East Asia or Asia level golf competition upon approval of the regional government in the future.

So, stay tune and come visit Mandalay.

Mandalay Golf club

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