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Off the beaten track

Get ready to go off the beaten path to discover a country that is only just emerging into the travelers’ realm. At Myanmar Diaries, our off the beaten track tours are designed for travelers who want to explore the best sights and sounds of Myanmar with an adventurous twist. We will take you deeper into remote areas, go further into rural communities and uncover even more of Burma’s authentic cultures and stories. Offering the absolute best of Myanmar, our inspirational journeys will take you right into the heart of a friendly land where genuine hospitality abounds. Whether as an extension after a classic tour or an itinerary of itself, our team of experts will help you get ready to explore each and every single corner of the country. Let us know what you are looking for and we will promise you an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Golden Land.

From the Caves to the Bay

Your journey takes you to the Golden Rock, one of Myanmar’s most dramatic and honored sites that is not to be missed. Then, you will continue on to Hpa-An with a diverse range of magnificent sights and a picturesque lake.

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