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Myanmar Rainy Season: Reasons to Travel – Part Two

For all of you who were not convinced by our first four reasons, as promised four more good reasons why coming to Myamar during rainy season is worth it:

Reason # 5: It’s not raining everywhere!

Mandalay Landscapes

Find pleasant weather in Mandalay.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Myanmar’s rainy season is that it is impossible to travel. That is simply not the case! Ok, for all beach lovers out there, yes it is monsoon rains on the coast, so stop reading and start planing a trip from October onwards.

Yangon, as I earlier mentioned, is wet- very wet. However it is not always predictable and one day may see a short 1 hour shower followed by a glorious sunny afternoon while another day may be a light non-stop drizzle. So you will likely get wet in Yangon! What I can almost promise, but not guarantee is that when you go up country to Bagan or Mandalay you will see the sun most of the time. Surely there will be clouds, some rain, but it is more likely to have a quick shower and then nice weather again. On Inle Lake you get some heavy rain, but short and then it clears up again and you can enjoy beautiful green sceneries of the surrounding, lush Shan Hills. Which leads directly to…

Reason # 6: It is green season!

Green Landscapes Myanmar

It’s green everywhere! Visit Shan State and enjoy lush landscapes.

The rains are not only welcomed by the Myanmar people but also by the trees and plants! Even after the first few drops have fallen, the country seems to look more green and after a few weeks the difference is remarkable. The dusty plains of Bagan transform to a rich-looking soil and lots of green fields, downtown Yangon feels more like a park than a city as trees blossom and the countryside is filled with lush rice paddies and other crops. Myanmar is truly at its most beautiful in the rainy season and it is a shutterbug’s delight!

Reason # 7: Be a true adventurer!

Trishaw in Dhala

You will have some stories to tell afterwards.

Rebel against what the guide books tell you and have an unforgettable adventure!  The rainy season comes with its challenges- and rewards- and makes for great stories. Tell your friends back home about how the water filled in to your taxi as you drove in from the airport, the knee-deep water you had to navigate through to dinner or the water buffalo snoozing in a fresh puddle near a historic temple. You need to be up for it and take it with a smile, being one of the brave adventurers to visit in the rainy season.

Reason # 8: People are even friendlier!

Frienly People in Myanmar

You will always meet smiling people in Myanmar.

People are always amazingly friendly and happy and leave a great impression on you no matter which season. But even if you are stuck in the rain, it is hard to feel sorry for yourself when you see the huge smiles on the faces of the Myanmar people. Watching the kids enjoy splashing about or the amused look on a vendors face as he dumps the water off the roof of his stall will (almost) make you forget about being wet! Life carries on in innovative ways, reminding you just how amazing and cheerful the Myanmar people are. Promise!


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