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Myanmar Rainy Season: Reasons to Travel – Part One

Rainy season has set in and our Yangon team is trying to stay as dry as possible. Of course there are some days where fail to stay positive about the rain when flooded streets block your way to work or a passing car splashes you on your way to dinner. But we also love the clear evening skies, cooler temperatures and lush green colours around the city.

Officially rainy season starts in May and lasts until September. This is only partly true as I see it, because it is only horribly wet in July and August. Yangon gets the worst of it compared to other destinations.  May and June are just light rains and by September I know the worst is over,  leaving me upbeat about the coming dry winter months.

Just because it is raining in Yangon and places like Ngapali Beach does not mean that the whole country shuts down. Actually, I think May to September is one of the best time for intrepid travelers to come to Myanmar.  Here are some of the reasons why:

Reason # 1 (Quite obvious but still worth mentioning): There are less tourists!

Tourist in Naypyidaw

In Naypyidaw you may even be the only tourist.


The rainy season coincides with Myanmar’s low season. Although our high season is still quiet when compared to neighboring countries like Vietnam and Thailand, there is a noticeable difference between Myanmar’s tourist seasons. Places like Bagan, which are very small, can feel crowded in November and December yet in July or September you are likely to have your own ‘private’ pagoda for sunset. So coming during low season obviously means that there are even less tourists, which also results in our next reason…

Reason # 2: You can enjoy better service!

Tourist Welcome Sign

Tourists are warmly welcome in Myanmar. But not just during rainy season!


The people of Myanmar get top marks for hospitality any time of year but in the low season you can get more personalized service thanks to fewer guests. More time and attention can be given from hotels and restaurants and the best guides are also more likely to be available.

Reason # 3: It is cheaper!

Cruise Boat Myanmar

Many hotels and cruises offer promotions during low season.


To entice more visitors to Myanmar in the low season, hotels and cruises often offer promotional rates from May to September.  As well, availability is not an issue so we are able to arrange your preferred accommodation and activities- often at a cheaper rate than normal.

Reason # 4: Back to the weather – Temperatures are pleasant

Inle Lake Fisherman

Enjoy pleasant temperatures during wet season!


Indeed from March to May the heat in Myanmar can be oppressive and midday breaks at the pool or in the air con are recommended. But just as the heat reaches an unbearable level, the rains begin and the temperatures cool off. Of course it is still warm, but the temperature change is just enough that you are not sweating simply from crossing the road!


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