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Myanmar beach break to Ngwe Saung

Yangon, Myanmar isn’t exactly known for being a cool city weather-wise. During the hot season, the temperature soars, rain is scarce and finding motivation to venture outside an air-conditioned building can be tough.  So, in an attempt to cool off, we decided to take a weekend-trip to Ngwe Saung, a coastal village with a great beach situated six hours west of Yangon. We went by private bus (10 seats) on Friday night and came back on Sunday night. Two days of beach in the Bay of Bengal ahead of us!

While Ngapali Beach is a very touristy place, Ngwe Saung remains less frequented by tourists. It is more of a local weekend destination. We love the place so much that we go quite often.

The difference between the dry landscape during the trip and the beach side with all the palm- and coconut trees is impressive. The beach is not crowded as there are not many people there and it is long and wide, leaving plenty of space for the people who are there to spread out. Ngwe Saung is mainly a quiet destination; people go there to have a relaxing time and take a break from the bustle of Yangon. Still, there are some fancy hotels and lodges if you prefer a little more luxury and style.


We arrived during the night and checked in to our hotel, slept for a few hours and woke up the following morning in paradise! We enjoyed a tasty American breakfast, and then headed to the beach which was right in front of our lodge. It was an incredible to have the ocean only a few steps away and the night before we could actually hear the waves from our bed. We rented buoys on the beach from a charming lady sitting under her umbrella, and went into the water to float on the water and relax. We then spread into two groups: some went on a horse-riding tour and others on a bike tour, both along the beach. Morning time is the best!

After this busy morning, we went to a seafood restaurant in the small but charming village center of Ngwe Saung. Most of us didn’t eat a lot though, as the weather is quite warm at this time of the day. There are many restaurants offering not only Myanmar specialties but also a variety of international dishes. We then took a fishing trip along the beach and all of us eventually caught a Burmese fish! We stopped at a nearby fishing village called Thazin and met some very friendly locals who let us observe their work as fishermen.

As the sun began to set on the Bay of Bengal, we sat at a Beer Station right on the beach to enjoy a drink and admire the breathtaking color-changing landscape with our feet almost in the sea (due to the beginning of the high tide). We then spent the evening in a bar that offers a wide range of drinks and  chill electronic music. We enjoyed the night with our feet in the sand while admiring their fire show.


On Sunday morning, we paid a visit to the two pagodas situated on two large rocks in the middle of the beach. They are quite small but the mystical landscape they create is mesmerizing. In the afternoon, we headed to the so called Lovers Island, situated south of Ngwe Saung village. The island in itself is a small island, but worth a visit. We went there through a natural sand-path, which magically appears during low tide (and came back by ferry). As we arrived, we were welcomed by a huge mermaid statue. We wandered in the rain forest, through the many cliffs of the island.  We then took a snorkeling trip around the island where we explored the unique coral landscape and swam with colorful fish.

After a relaxing weekend full of sun, sand, sea and palm trees, it was then time to leave this beautiful place and head back to the hustle and bustle of Yangon.  As the bus made its way back to the city, we couldn’t all help but feel thankful for opportunity to explore such a beautiful and special place in Myanmar.

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