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Morning in Mandalay by bike

Fuel up with a good breakfast this morning, energizing your muscles for an unforgettable half-day bike tour of Mandalay. We will set off a bit early to catch Mandalay at its most atmospheric. Hop on your bikes with your guide and start pedaling…avoiding main roads and getting a taste of daily life in the country’s second-largest city.

Bike tour around Mandalay’s temples  

The first stop is at the Atumashi Shwe Kyaung, an impressive, five-story, white monastery. Originally built in 1857, the structure was burned to the ground in a fire in 1890. Legend has it that the Buddha image was adorned with a 19-carat diamond that disappeared after the fire in suspicious circumstances. These days the building has been completely rebuilt and, although empty inside, still makes for a fabulous photo opportunity from the outside.

Discovering the ShweNandaw monastery at the Royal Palace

Continue to the nearby Shwenandaw Monastery–the only remaining building from Mandalay’s Royal Palace. Admire the impressive teak carvings from the outside and hear the tales of the ghost that is believed to haunt the monument. Back on the bikes, it is a short pedal ride to Kuthodaw Pagoda. Wander among the 729 marble slabs, stopping to admire the impressive Buddhist scripture carved by hand into the stone which has earned the pagoda the nickname of “The World’s Biggest Book.”

Discover Mandalay’s real life

Having captured a few photos of the city’s historic vestiges, you will then turn well off the “tourist trail” and into local neighborhoods. Pedaling through these laneways you will get a sense of the Mandalay residents’ daily lives. See kids on their way to school in their green and white uniforms, red robe-clad monks on their way back to the monastery after their morning alms collections, and office workers grabbing a bite to eat on their way to work.

The beauty of being on the bikes means that there are plenty of chances to stop when touring.

  • Culture immerssion 100%
  • Go off the beaten path 90%
  • Must place to see 80%


  • Experiencing the true culture of Mandalay with this half-day bike tour through the city’s backstreets
  • Traveling on two wheels, you will get a real sense of the incredible history and culture that defines Mandalay



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