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Going to Mandalay or Bagan? Then you need to take a small detour to the lovely Monywa. Colorful pagodas and temples, history-filled gems, hidden caves, and spectacular Buddha statues await you. Myanmar really is a country that keeps amazing you and is full of surprises such as Monywa and its surroundings. Once more, we are taking you to the past on a visit of a charming but still not touristy place.

Monywa: the green escape

Have some quality time visiting this traditional city kept off the beaten path until today. On your way to the city, you discover beautiful and changing landscapes that plunge you into this rural area. In fact, the region mostly thrives from its agriculture as they produce cotton, flour, noodles, and cooking oils. The contrast with more modern cities such as Yangon or Bagan is pleasant and you discover another facet of Myanmar.

Monywa’s wonders

You first head to the main attraction of Monywa–the unique Thanboddhay Pagoda. What a colorful and surprising religious building! It is definitely different from all the temples you have visited in other cities. Surrounded by 37 acres of land belonging to the Mohnyin Forest Monastery, the Thanboddhay Pagoda is such a perfect scenic photo stop. You wander around the pagoda and enjoy this unusual sample of modern Buddhist art. What a pleasant and relaxing visit to immerse yourself into Myanmar culture and heritage. In addition, if you liked this pagoda, another Monywa jewel will amaze you: the spectacular 95 meter-long Bodhi Tataung Pagoda. The reclining Buddha is impressive as it can be seen from very far and it completely dominates the skyline as a giant.

Myanmar’s amazing caves

After seeing those Buddhist treasures, you may want to take some fresh air and head to discover Monywa’s hidden places. The Po Win Daung Caves will probably be on your top list of attractions in Myanmar. Crossing the Chindwin River by boat, you quickly reach this enigmatic place made of more than 900 sandstone caves. You now enter an extraordinary maze of caves and just need to enjoy this uncommon place. The hundreds of Buddhas mixed with very well conserved murals dating back to the 14th century are such a surprise! It feels good to leave pagodas and temples for a moment and immerse yourself into this unique archaeological jewel.

The hidden old city village

Want to see even more remote and untouched places? Then the A-Myint village will make your journey to Monywa a lifetime memory. This is such a charming place that you can never forget. You enjoy all aspects of the local life: temple ruins, wooden huts, historic stupas, delicious Burmese dishes and above all its people. As you probably heard, Myanmar people are among the most welcoming people in the world and are always happy to meet you. This is why Myanmar is a country that not only you need to visit but also to experience… taking the time to feel how life goes on in the Golden Land of Southeast Asia.

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  • The Thanboddhay Pagoda
  • The spectacular 95 meter-long Bodhi Tataung Pagoda
  • The stunning Po Win Daung Caves
  • The wooden hut village of A-Myint

  • From October to March


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