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Ngapali Kayaking around Pearl Island

Set off this morning for a full day of fun in the sun. Transfer from your Ngapali Beach hotel to a quiet stretch of beach where your sea kayaks await.

Ngapali kayaking in the Bay of Bengal

After a short safety briefing and instructions on using the kayaks, it is time to start paddling. Glide across the tranquil, clear waters towards Pearl Island, an uninhabited island in the Bay of Bengal. As the shoreline of Ngapali fades into the distance, you will enjoy the solitude of the open sea as you paddle along.

Ngapali Kayaking: Connect with Myanmar’s underworld

Having enjoyed the above-water sights, it’s now time to see the wonders found beneath the surface. Grab and snorkel and mask and jump overboard. Snorkel past colorful fish and other marine life while cooling off in the tropical waters.

Ngapali Kayaking: Exploring tropical Ngapali’s Pearl Island

Return to the kayaks and paddle onwards to Pearl Island, hopping out on to the white, sandy beach. Lay back under the shade of a swaying palm tree while sipping on a fresh coconut. Or, return to the water for a refreshing swim or some more snorkeling. The day is yours to relax and to enjoy this island paradise. A light lunch of seafood fried rice will be served, allowing you to get a taste of the Bay of Bengal’s freshest seafood.

Refreshed and refueled, grab your paddle, hop in the kayak and make your way back to the mainland. Once reaching land, your Ngapali adventure concludes with a transfer to the hotel, arriving mid to late afternoon.

  • Nature lovers 90%
  • Go off the beaten path 100%
  • Must place to see 80%


  • Exploring the tropical waters and secluded beaches of the Bay of Bengal on this fabulous kayaking excursion
  • Leaving the shores of Ngapali behind, paddling across the turquoise ocean to Pearl Island for a day of swimming, snorkeling, and some seaside relaxation



Ngapali Beach Stay

Peace, privacy, and the stunning nature above all are what define Myanmar’s Ngapali Beach. There are no mundane venues, no crowded clubs, and no packed bars. There’s plenty to discover around Ngapali. You can dive or snorkel around the many islands offshore, ride a bike to the fishermen’s villages, and more.

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