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Unique Myanmar Kayaking Tour (Inle Lake)

See Inle Lake through the eyes of a local with a memorable kayaking adventure. Travel by motorboat to a quiet corner of the lake where the kayaks await. Your guide will share with you some safety information and a basic course in navigating the boats. Then put on a life-jacket and head to the water!

Myanmar Kayaking: Sharing lifetime memories in Myanmar

The two-person kayaks are perfect for the placid waters of Inle. They are stable and comfortable as well as easy to steer even for the novice paddler. Seated just inches above the water you will get to see Inle Lake from a different perspective so be sure to have your camera on hand!

Myanmar Kayaking: Must-see sights of Inle Lake

Follow your guide through narrow canals not easily accessible by motorboats. Glide past houses on stilts, where the lake’s residents live above the water. Paddle around floating gardens where crops such as tomatoes and chili peppers grow on “islands” made of water hyacinth.

With the motorboats sticking to the main part of the lake, you will likely have the canals to yourself. The occasional canoe may pass by carrying school kids or farmers on their way to the market with fresh produce. But, otherwise, it will just be you slowly paddling past these amazing scenes.

Myanmar Kayaking: Best places to meet locals around Inle Lake

Along the way, stop in a local family’s house for a rest and a snack. The hosts are happy to welcome you into their humble home and you will get a glimpse of what life is like on the lake. Forge a deeper connection with Myanmar’s culture as you learn about their daily activities and traditions.

Then, resume your Inle Lake exploration paddling the kayaks through more scenic channels. Continue meandering through the villages until reaching the drop-off location. Climb out of the kayaks, stretch your legs, and savor a few last moments of solitude before returning to the main part of the lake by motorized, longtail boat.

  • Nature lovers 100%
  • Exclusive 80%
  • Go off the beaten path 90%


  • Getting an up-close look at the wonders of Inle Lake with an unforgettable kayaking adventure
  • Discovering houses on stilts and verdant floating gardens
  • Paddling through the narrow canals of Inle Lake that are rarely visited by tourists



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