Yangon? Mandalay? Bagan? You cannot say which city you prefer. Myanmar is such a never-ending surprise for you… a journey of a lifetime that you have dreamed of. So now, what about taking a break from those bustling cities and head to a different kind of place. We are taking you to what used to be a popular summer retreat for the British during the 1800s. It is time for you to escape the heat of the lowlands and have some quality time up in the hills.


A breath of fresh air

Here you are in Kalaw. A charming village nestled in the green Shan Hills at the heart of Myanmar. You enjoy this peaceful place overlooking a beautiful landscape from no more than 1300 meters above sea level. You cannot believe how cool and refreshing Kalaw is–thanks to its location, it is actually blessed with fresh air nearly all year long. On your way to Kalaw, you pass by a few lovely and well-preserved British colonial buildings.


Myanmar encounters: a story of friendly people

You decide to stay overnight in Kalaw to enjoy the moment, the climate, and the scenic views to spend some time far from the crowd. You probably put Kalaw on your top five list of Myanmar’s best photo stops. Travelers often just pass by and do not stop to take time to breathe some fresh air. Indeed, before leaving for some new adventure you take some well-deserved break. Not only do you like what you see, but also the people you meet amaze you. Now you know why Myanmar people are said to be among the friendliest in the world. They are curious, positive, and are happy to show you around. Children, adults, monks–they are all a great surprise. You are exchanging a few words, a few smiles, and taking pictures with some new friends you make along the way.

Now that you are getting a great insight into Myanmar’s culture, you treat yourself with some good Shan food. The whole region is known to have one of the best dishes in Myanmar.

Breath-taking mountain views

The next day you wake up early to enjoy a stunning sunrise and there you go on a 3-day hike to Inle Lake. There are actually so many hiking options that hikers will not believe it.  Speak to your guide and find out the best options for you. Kalaw is not made just for young and sportive adventurers–it is also completely family-friendly or beginner- friendly; and, you can choose to explore the region the way you like.

Get on a slow-moving train and make your way to Inle Lake. What a scenic and enjoyable journey! Trains in Myanmar are slow and it reminds you to take your time to enjoy the little things and to connect with the present moment.


One of the best hiking routes in Myanmar

However, the place is a perfect starting point for so many hikes. The 2-night, 3-day hike is among the most popular routes and allows you to experience the country in a different way. You walk up hills, down valleys, discover a varied fauna and flora, walk across train tracks, and pass by caves and temples. This is an unexpected adventure; and, you will enjoy friendly encounters with local people passing by small villages.


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  • The stunning cave of Shwe Oo Min Paya
  • So many hiking options from a half-day to a few days
  • The beautiful views on the mountains
  • Delicious Myanmar food from Shan state

  • From September to January


Yoga Retreat and Rural Living

Connect with nature on a multi-day retreat to Kalaw Hill Lodge! The hotel’s highland location serves as the backdrop for guided meditation and yoga sessions, organic farming experiences and memorable treks through rural villages… the perfect combination for nature lovers of all ages!

14 jours – Voyage en Birmanie en petit groupe

Découvrez en 14 jours les plus belles richesses de la Birmanie, des temples majestueux de Bagan au train circulaire à Yangon, en passant par les surprenants marché flottants du Lac Inle et les magnifiques paysages de Pindaya.

Across the Hills of Southern Shan State

Head to the hills for an unforgettable hiking adventure in Myanmar’s Shan State. Spend five days on foot, crossing through miles of pristine forest, fertile farmland, and lush, rolling hills.


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