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Hot-air balloon ride over Inle Lake

This morning see Inle Lake from a completely different point of view with a sunrise hot-air balloon ride. Depart from your hotel early, traveling in the dark to the launch site on the lake’s shores. Upon arrival enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your fellow passengers and watch as the crew makes the final preparations for the flight.

Memorable Inle Lake holidays

Once the balloon’s envelope is inflated, the pilot will provide a safety briefing and explain the morning’s flight plan. Then, it is time for the adventure to truly begin! Climb inside the wicker basket and start rising gently into the sky. The pilot will gently maneuver the balloon higher and higher, bringing you above the tree line for breath-taking views.

The high life: beautiful Inle Lake from above

As you gain elevation, the first rays of sun will start to cast their glow onto the surroundings. You will see the lake’s floating gardens and houses on stilts appear below you, with local residents coming out to wave and shout “Hello.” From this bird’s-eye view you will get to appreciate just how magical Inle Lake really is, with mile after mile of open water and narrow canals. When flying closer to the shores, you will see small farms and fields, expanses of green land punctuated by gleaming white and gold temple spires. The sun’s morning light will also illuminate the surrounding Shan Hills, revealing small villages and more farms.

Inle Lake’s bespoken sight-seeing

Over the course of an hour, the balloon will drift around the lake and its shoreline. The exact routing depends on the winds, but the views are guaranteed to be spectacular. During the flight the pilot will provide commentary, pointing out unique places, chatting about life on the lake, and also explaining how the balloon flies.

When the winds are favorable, the pilot will begin the descent to the landing site. The crew will follow along on the ground and assist the pilot to bring the balloon to the ground. Once back on land, you will partake in a ballooning tradition– a champagne toast! Raise a glass and enjoy a light breakfast, celebrating your adventure with the pilot and crew. Then return to your hotel, with your camera and your mind filled with fabulous images from the Inle Lake hot-air balloon ride.

  • Local encounters 100%
  • Food 80%
  • Go off the beaten path 90%


  • Taking to the skies for an unforgettable hot-air balloon flight over Inle Lake
  • Admiring the floating gardens and houses on stilts capturing a birds’-eye view of the lake as the sun rises over the surrounding mountains



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