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Hpa An

Welcome to Hpa An, the off-the-beaten track weekend trip you had been waiting for. The biggest challenge with “Hpa An” is to find out how to pronounce it correctly but then everything is fine. Very few tourists take time to visit Hpa An during their journey around Myanmar and they do not know what they are missing out on. This is why, at Myanmar Diaries, as a local agency, we are proud to take you to some remote gems around our Golden land. Caves, hikes, walks, and tasty food: here is what you should expect from this southern Kayin state capital city.

After a short drive from Yangon to Hpa An

Arriving early morning in Hpa An after a 5-hours’ drive from Yangon, you will be in lovely Hpa An. Here, you find no world biggest pagoda or tallest tower but just a simple and awe-inspiring landscape of small villages, palm trees, stunning mountains, and Karstic landscapes made of so many caves and unbelievable, natural rocky formations.

On the road again…

You can either rent a motorbike or jump on a light truck, allowing you to take breaks whenever you feel like it or to find the perfect photo stop. In fact, Hpa An is not just a place that you visit, it is a place that you need to experiment with and where you definitely will collect some lifetime memories.

As Hpa An itself is just a small town, you head directly to the surroundings where its real charm is. Early in the morning you will leave for the Lumbini Garden. It consists of a huge plain with few vegetation but thousands of identical Buddha statues. It is a landscape of never-ending Buddha representation. Such a number of similar statues painted in a shiny gold color amazes you. Myanmar itself is a never-ending surprise; and, when you think that you have seen it all, towns like Hpa An remind you to keep your eyes open wide and to embrace each detail of this beautiful country.

Let’s climb it!

After passing by this stunning garden, you will arrive at the base of the famous Mount Zwegabin. The hike is totally beginners-friendly; but, it can get tough to climb with hot temperatures. Your camera in one hand, a water bottle in the other, and there you go! The 360-degrees panoramic view is definitely worth the walk. At the top, you observe some monkeys playing around the pagodas. The place is quiet and peaceful. You indulge in some well-deserved Myanmar dishes before leaving for some more exploration of the region.

Discover Myanmar’s beautiful caves

A quick ride brings you to the Sadan Cave, one of our traveler’s favorite places on their journey around Myanmar. The cave is very well-conserved and offers a surrealistic picture of a cave filled with all kinds of Buddha representations. Myanmar abounds with treasure that await and here is one of them. You walk all around the cave and reach the exterior from another exit where a small boat takes you back to the entrance. There are plenty of stunning caves to visit in the area including the “Bat’s cave” where you decide to go to watch the sunset from the top of a rock. You discover and enjoy so many things here that one day feels like one month.

“Quality time” is not just an expression in Hpa An

It is a way of being. All the people you meet on your way enjoy the richness of the area–its fauna and flora, the landscapes. and the nice weather that you get most of the time.

The next day you wake up early to attend a beautiful sunrise by the lake. The breath-taking sky takes on different shades of pink and let you be amazed. In Hpa An, time seems to have stopped and it allows you to get some rest from the hustle and bustle of Yangon. You will never forget one of Myanmar’s most enchanting places. What a breath of fresh air you did not expect!

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Hpa An


  • Climb up to the Mount Zwegabin for stunning views
  • Visit beautiful caves filled with Buddha images
  • Discover Myanmar’s countryside and different landscapes

  • From October to March


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