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Golden Rock

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be sitting on the edge of a cliff, 1,000 meters above sea level? As crazy as it sounds, this is what Golden Rock allows you to experience. The impressive rock and the small village suspended high in the clouds are one of the most surreal places in Myanmar – and it is unique in the world. On top of its highly spiritual atmosphere, Golden Rock has something magical… The legend says that the Rock stands balanced on the edge of the cliff thanks to a single strand of the Buddha’s hair.

What is that huge rock covered with gold?

Be ready to discover a stunning place of worship! The oversized Rock, covered in gold, is one of the major destinations in the country for local pilgrims, most of them even sleeping on the platform on top of the mountain! They come all year long to pay their respect and apply gold leaves on it – only men are allowed to touch the rock. From dawn to dusk, the rock offers a magical and fascinating sight. You will feel blessed to be there in the early morning, when the gold-gilded rock bathes in the soft light of the rising sun. In the morning, the site is already buzzing with pilgrims, tourists, and monks making offerings. Fruits, sweets, and biscuits are copiously brought to Buddha while countless candles and incense sticks are lit up all around the Rock making the atmosphere even more mesmerizing.

A beautiful country made of friendly people

The discovery is worth the journey. On your way up, you will meet with many locals coming here with friends or family. As you may have been reading before, they are among the friendliest people in the world: gentle, welcoming, and helpful. This is one of the several reasons why our travelers claim Myanmar to be their all-time favorite place. More than friendly encounters, you will also experience a total change of scenery. Golden Rock is suspended on the edge of a cliff overlooking mountains covered by a thick jungle.

So many ways to make it to the top of Golden Rock

One of the highlights of a trip to Golden Rock might actually be the drive to the top. Local pilgrims and tourists squeeze together on little benches at the back of a local open-air truck for a 1-hour ride. If you wish, you can get out of the truck mid-way and walk the last 4 kilometers on the winding road to reach the summit. Though the fastest and most convenient way to reach the Golden Rock, local trucks are not the only transportation mode: plenty of carriers await with bamboo chairs and will carry you or your bags to the top. There is also a cable car that you can ride the last third of the journey if you wish.

A family lifetime memory

Like many places in Myanmar, Golden Rock is family-friendly and it will let you relax and enjoy your holiday with no worries. Apart from being one of the safest countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is also perfectly adapted for a family expedition. Visit us and see how a memorable trip around the Golden Land can become the journey of a lifetime.


Stopping by the lovely town of Bago

Later, on your way back to Yangon, you can take a short break in the lovely town of Bago. This is a small but authentic place just 2 hours away from the busiest city in Myanmar. You head to Shwemawdaw Pagoda and enjoy a fun visit of the site. The Buddhist gem is definitely off the beaten track and you do not cross many tourists. Here you also have the opportunity to see one of the three biggest reclining Buddha statues of Myanmar: the Mya Tha Lyaung Reclining Buddha.

Discovering the monks’ daily routine

In Bago you also get the chance to attend the lunch food preparation and procession at the Kyak Khat Wine Monastery. Monks play a big role in the country and you see many of them everyday in the street so this is an interesting way to get a better understanding of their daily life. So, after a relaxing day-trip to Bago you are ready to head back to Yangon for some more adventures.

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Golden rock



  • Mount Kyaiktiyo and the impressive Golden Rock
  • The Shwemawdaw Pagoda in Bago
  • The Mya Tha Lyaung Reclining Buddha
  • Enjoy an authentic journey through the lush, rugged countryside of Yangon

  • From October to April


Green retreat and Golden Rock

Our ‘Green Retreat’ is a perfect way to wrap up your Myanmar holiday! Take a short road journey to historic Bago and enjoy a memorable stay at the charming Bulae Inn Villas. Then continue to Golden Rock, joining locals on a spiritual pilgrimage that will bring you good fortune for your trip back home.

From the Caves to the Bay

Your journey takes you to the Golden Rock, one of Myanmar’s most dramatic and honored sites that is not to be missed. Then, you will continue on to Hpa-An with a diverse range of magnificent sights and a picturesque lake.


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