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Art Tour of Yangon

Whether you are a passionate art collector or a culturally-curious traveler, this half-day Yangon art gallery tour will open your eyes to an entirely different side of Myanmar. After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, meet with your guide and drive to the first of many galleries on your Yangon Art Tour itinerary.

Bespoken Art Galleries’ Tour of Yangon

There are dozens of galleries in Yangon, mostly concentrated in the downtown area; but, many are also located in suburban neighborhoods. The exact itinerary and galleries will be selected based on your personal interests as well as the current exhibits being offered.

Connect with the fast-moving Myanmar artistic scene

It comes as a surprise to many visitors to learn about the country’s vibrant arts scene. Your guide will provide you with a background, starting from the flourishing cultural period of the royal kingdoms and then through the period of British rule where international influences entered the country. However, the evolution of modern Myanmar art came to a grinding halt when the arts became highly regulated during military rule. Artists had to submit their work for approval to the government before it was allowed to be displayed in public and any artist who broke this rule was promptly punished. Thus, it is not surprising that most art created during this time was “safe” and traditional. In 2013, two years after the dissolution of the junta, this law was repealed and since then, the art scene has blossomed and thrived.

A glimpse at Myanmar’s art history

While admiring the works of art, you will see evidence of these distinctive eras of Myanmar’s past. Deeply traditional scenes of the royal court and countryside give way to more modern pieces, clearly influenced by Western culture. Then, there is a 50-year period where the style returns to classic paintings and sculptures. Very little abstract art was created under military rule for fear it may be interpreted incorrectly.

But since 2013 the scene has flourished again and you will see an incredible range of modern art at most of the galleries. Your guide, and some of the gallery’s owners, will share with you the context behind some of the pieces on display and explain the statement being made by the artist. You will also learn about the opportunities for artists and the challenges they face when visiting a non-profit gallery. Hear how the gallery provides financial assistance for emerging artists and helps create opportunities for their works to be displayed both domestically and abroad.

By the end of the morning you’ll have scratched the surface of Yangon’s creative scene and perhaps found a unique piece of Myanmar art to take home.

  • Culture immersion 80%
  • Exclusive 100%
  • Must place to see 90%


  • Exploring a range of work from traditional paintings to contemporary sculptures and everything in between
  • Learning about the evolution of Myanmar – Discovering emerging artists from all over the country



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