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We provide journeys that not only let you see Myanmar but to experience it as well. To be a traveler and not a tourist. To create memories of Myanmar that fill your travel journals and serve as the inspiration to continue.


Who we are

At Myanmar Diaries, values are more than just words. They are actions. They inspire us to create experiences that turn blank pages into colorful stories and allow you to record the moments and memories of the land we call home.

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Discover Untouched Paradise

Awake each morning to partake in expert-led yoga sessions then spend the rest of the day exploring tropical islands and dining on fresh local food. This week-long holistic holiday is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized!

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Meet your dedicated travel designer: Zar Yi
Let us share wonderful tales about Myanmar!
Unique customized trips with local expertise


We believe that all our travelers are different and deserve bespoke holidays. We build your itinerary with you, step by step to ensure that you are able to connect completely with people and places you explore during your unique stay in Myanmar.


From our very first introduction email until the day of your departure, we want your diary to be filled with experiences that are not found in the guide books. We want you to write your own story of the friends, the encounters, and the awe-inspiring moments that are uniquely ‘Myanmar’.


Do you want to discover the untold riches of Myanmar? Would you like to understand the culture and complex history of our wonderful country? What about to share authentic and privileged moments with the Burmese people? If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, then these experiences are for you!


Farming & Agriculture in Myanmar

Taking a closer look at Myanmar’s farming culture unveils another side of the country and its people. You learn about techniques passed down from generation to generation, learn about the- often intense- labor required to produce a simple meal and spend time in the great outdoors alongside local farmers. Here are just a few of the agriculture-related experiences waiting to be had in Myanmar!

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We are Sustainable, we are Travelife Partner!

In partnership with Travelife, we encourages the sustainable development of tourism in Myanmar by supporting projects that benefit the communities. The Travelife Partner award was received today by Myanmar Diaries. The award is a recognition for the long-term efforts and frontrunner position of Myanmar Diaries regarding sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Adventure in Myanmar: Our Top Picks

It’s no secret that Myanmar is teeming with incredible architecture, cultural heritage and fascinating history. But here is a little secret you may not know! The best way to experience the country and its endless wonders is through adventurous excursions! But don’t worry- these adventures are not strenuous mountain climbs or grueling long-distance cycling. The type of adventures that showcase Myanmar’s magic can be enjoyed by everyone- gentle bike rides on flat plains, easy paddles over tranquil waters and more.

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