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Make the most of your family holiday in Myanmar

In our last blog we shared our thoughts on why Myanmar is the perfect family holiday destination. Amazing soft-adventures, enriching cultural experiences and memorable meals were a few of the reasons that both kids and adults will love the ‘Golden Land’.  Now that we have inspired you with those wonderful ideas, we want to share a bit more detail about how to plan your trip and what you can expect once you touch down in Myanmar!

Planning a trip is a fun experience but one that can also be daunting as there are so many factors to consider. ‘How long should I stay in each destination? How do I get from A to B with the least amount of hassle? How can I be sure I have a guide that is patient and entertaining for kids? How do I know which hotel is really family-friendly?…’ the list goes on and on. And Myanmar, in particular, can be tricky as the information found online is often out of date or misleading. But you don’t need to worry- we have been planning family trips for more than 6 years  and many of us here at Myanmar Diaries are parents, so we have experienced the challenges and rewards of family travel in Myanmar first hand.

family holiday experiences

Mingalarbar from Myanmar

One of our favorite Myanmar family holidays can be found on our website here: https://www.myanmar-diaries.com/myanmar-burma-family-fun-tour/. And in this blog we will explain why we think it is the perfect starting point for planning your crew’s journey.

Not too fast, not too slow

One thing that few people realize is that Myanmar is HUGE! The distances between destinations are vast enough that it is best to use domestic flights to get from A to B which can be a hassle for families! This trip includes a variety of destinations but at a manageable pace. Long travel days are balanced with multi-night stays or single night stays in towns that are less than 2 hours drive apart.

family holiday experiences

Horsecart Ride in Bagan

Family-friendly Hotels & Guides

With sleek photos and convincing text, it is easy to be misled by a hotel’s website. What looks like a great kid-friendly property online could be a rundown hotel in a bad part of town run by grumpy staff! But on our family holidays we choose hotels that offer comfort, friendly service and security along with rooms and facilities suited for families.  The same goes for our guides- flexible, patient and with lots of experience, the guides will become friends with you and your kids all the while sharing their extensive knowledge with your family.

Friendly services , Photo credit: Bagan Lodge

Each day brings something new

Perhaps nothing puts a damper on a day out more than having bored kids! On our Myanmar family journeys, you won’t hear kids complaining ‘I’m bored’! The excursions range from a ride on slow moving local train in Yangon to a day with elephants in the Shan highlands, from a sunset cruise near the temples of Bagan to a day winding through Inle Lake’s stilted houses and floating gardens. Beyond that, cooking classes, trishaw rides, encounters with monkeys and more will keep everyone entertained!

family holiday experiences

Kayaking in Ngapali

Those are just a few of the factors we consider when designing Myanmar family holidays. Our Family Fun Tour was designed by our travel experts based on years of experience and feedback. It is a good place to look for inspiration but as we customize every trip, let us know your input and personal travel style and we will create a new journey designed for you and your loved ones! So take the hassle out of your travel planning! Send our team an email and we will take it from there- no worries about getting from A to B. Let us customize a family holiday to Myanmar for you that allow you to experience the best of the ‘Golden Land’!


Share your travel needs and let our team take care of the rest.