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Day tours and excursions

If you usually adopt a slow pace when traveling and want to be free above all, we can help you in organizing day tours or excursions for you to add at leisure to your itinerary. Our Myanmar days trips and excursions allow you to explore the highlights of Myanmar only in one or half a day. You can easily combine an extension to other nearby destinations at any point during your stay in Myanmar. With the useful support of our professional guides and consultants, it is easier than ever to make your own day tour from a variety of choices to explore the endless beauty of this legendary land. We have many more to share so don’t hesitate to contact us. From themed excursions concentrating on street food or art, to full-day extensions in remote villages or places outside of the classic itineraries, here are some of our favorite day tours.

Yangon Highlights

Set off on a full day of exploring the diverse sites and fascinating culture of Yangon. Starting in downtown, a walking tour will include sites such as colonial-era buildings, colorful religious buildings, and the glittering Sule Pagoda. A walk along the lively streets reveals scenes from daily life.

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Yangon Local Morning

Today you will get to know the “real” Yangon with a fascinating morning excursion through the city and its suburbs. Start with a ride on the commuter train also called “Circular Train.”  The train allows travelers and vendors to hop on and off throughout the journey.

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A Discovery of the Delta

Escape the buzz of the big city with an excursion to Dhala, a small town in Myanmar’s low-lying Irrawaddy Delta. Board the local ferry boat for a short ride across the Yangon River.  In just 15 minutes, the city’s high rises disappear in the distance and the leafy palm trees of Dhala appear.

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Evening Charms of Yangon

Set off on a half-day excursion exploring Yangon’s diverse sites and fascinating culture. The walking tour will include sights such as colonial-era buildings, colorful religious buildings, and the glittering Sule Pagoda.


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Art and Culture Tour in Yangon

Set off on a full day of exploring the diverse sites and fascinating culture of Yangon. Delve into Myanmar’s art scene on a fascinating gallery tour and explore diverse sites and the fascinating culture of Yangon.

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