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Myanmar is undoubtedly an adventurous destination of itself – unknown to many and mysterious to most, the country still belongs for many travelers to those off the beaten tracks destination where travel adventures activities awaits you at every corner. Despite being a major religious and cultural destination, Myanmar has its share of adventurous experiences available all around the country. From a trekking across the rolling Shan hills to an exciting bike ride through Yangon’s peculiar countryside or a kayak exploration of Inle Lake’s floating gardens and stilt villages, the country will leave you breathless. Indoor or outdoors, come and enjoy Myanmar travel adventure activities! Whether you want to add an active touch to your classic itinerary or you are all about sports and outdoors, we will help you find the perfect journey itinerary that will balance must-see sightseeing and active discoveries. From easy activities that allow you to take a deep breath and enjoy the natural landscape to more challenging itineraries, that lead you from the high mountains to the deep valleys, get inspired by our below selection of adventure experiences. Not all adventure involves sports though! What if you were boarding a train to cross the legendary Gotkeik Viaduct? Find the adventure that suits you the best or ask for our travel experts’ advice.

Kayaking tour around Pearl Island

Destination: Ngapali 

Explore the tropical waters and secluded beaches of the Bay of Bengal on this fabulous kayaking excursion. Leave the shores of Ngapali behind, paddling across the turquoise ocean to Pearl Island for a day of swimming, snorkelling and seaside relaxation.

A walk through the Jungle in Ngapali

Destination: Ngapali

Venture beyond the white sandy beaches of Ngapali to discover the natural beauty of the Rakhine state. Trek through verdant rice paddies, small villages, and dense tropical jungles to an elevated viewpoint where you will be treated to spectacular views of the coastline.

Kayaking in Inle Lake

Destination: Inle Lake

Get an up-close look at the wonders of Inle Lake with an unforgettable kayaking adventure. Discover stilted houses, verdant floating gardens and much more as you paddle through narrow canals of Inle that are rarely visited by tourists.  

Trekking Mya Kha Nauk

Destination: Mandalay

Escape from the tourist trail and discover the beautiful natural surroundings of Mandalay. This hiking adventure is a challenge but it rewards with sweeping views of the Shan Hills, fresh air and solitude. If you are looking to get your blood pumping during your Myanmar holiday, Mya Kha Nauk trekking is the perfect excursion.

Biking near Inle Lake

Destination: Khaung Daing To Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake)

Hop on a bike to explore the shores of Inle Lake. Discover small villages and get a glimpse of authentic Inle life away from the tourist trail. Pedal past farms and fields, stopping to chat to the locals or to snap photos of the beautiful scenery.

Morning by bike in Mandalay

Destination: Mandalay

Experience the true culture of Mandalay with this half day bike tour through the city’s backstreets. Pedal past historic sites and hidden monuments as well as local neighborhoods rarely visited by tourists. Traveling on two wheels, you will get a real sense of the incredible history and culture that define Mandalay.

E-Bike rambling in Bagan

Destination: Bagan

Embrace the true spirit of Bagan, using an electric bike to explore the town’s famous archeological zone. Travel from temple to temple along quiet laneways, stopping as often as you like to snap photos of the remarkable views or to chat with the friendly locals you encounter along the way.


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