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The mighty Irrawaddy runs through the country from the Delta – South of Yangon – to the mountains of Putao – in the far North. Choosing to board on some Bespoke Cruises in Myanmar is embarking on a journey along beautiful and various landscapes, from the dry plains of the center to the lush forests of the upper North. A cruise is also the perfect occasion to witness a different side of Myanmar and to access remote sites. If you want to adopt a slower pace and take your time to discover a region of the country and its remote villages on the riverside, a cruise is the perfect solution. Let us help you select the best itinerary and length to add to your trip in Myanmar!

6 Days – Mergui Archipelago Cruise

Destination: Mergui Archipelago

Set sail in Myanmar’s far south, exploring the 800 islands of the Mergui Archipelago.

Living aboard a motorized sail boat, days will be spent cruising from island to island stopping to snorkel, fish and go ashore. Discover pristine sandy beaches, untouched jungles and exotic marine life and, with luck, meet the salone people- nomadic fishermen who live in Mergui.

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Luxury River Cruise on board the Belmond Orcaella

Destination: Bagan, Mount Popa, Yangon

Sail from the former capital of Yangon up to historic, spiritual Bagan on board the luxury Orcaella ship.


Spend the day watching scenes of river life passing by and venture ashore to discover small towns and famous monuments, including the UNESCO Heritage site of Sri Ksetra.

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Irrawaddy River Cruise from Bagan to Mandalay

Destination: Bagan, Mandalay

A river cruise is not only the perfect way to see stunning landscapes, but also to learn more about the local people living along the river banks.

Cruise from Bagan to Mandalay and embark on a three-day journey along majestic Irrawaddy River: enjoy beautiful scenerieslocal villages and soak in the pleasant atmosphere.

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