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Myanmar (Burma) Beach Stays

Along the western coast of the Bay of Bengal, our country, Myanmar, boasts some of the most idyllic and remote beaches in the world.  White sand, bright green palm trees, bamboo houses, and crystal clear waters are everything you can wish for when booking a trip to the beach in Myanmar. Our beach stays are designed to uncover the charm and beauty of the country’s best beaches–either as a way to recharge your batteries in a heavenly setting after an inspiring journey throughout the country or as a tranquil holiday itself. The best time to explore the coastal areas is from November to February when it’s dry and warm with temperatures averaging from 24°C – 31°C. Indulge in some of the best Myanmar (Burma) Beach Stays with us!

Ngwe Saung Beach Escape

Ngwe Saung is a beach stretching 9 miles in the Bay of Bengal and located 5 hours away driving from Yangon in the Ayeyawaddy Delta region. This is a very lively and rich in culture region that is crowded with villages around Pathein.

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Ngapali Beach Stay

Peace, privacy, and the stunning nature above all are what define Myanmar’s Ngapali Beach. There are no mundane venues, no crowded clubs, and no packed bars. There’s plenty to discover around Ngapali. You can dive or snorkel around the many islands offshore, ride a bike to the fishermen’s villages, and more.

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