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Oil Lamp Ceremony at the Lawkananda Pagoda in Bagan


Bagan is famous for its remarkable Buddhist structures but few visitors scratch the surface of this religion. This evening you will have the unique opportunity to partake in a special Buddhist ceremony at Bagan’s Lawkananda Pagoda to forge a deeper connection with Myanmar culture.

Bagan Lawkananda Pagoda : attending an oil lamp-lighting ceremony 

Before sunset, head to Bagan’s Lawkananda Pagoda, a serene riverside monument.  As it is not structurally unique, many tourists skip this site; but for locals, it is an important religious site as it holds a relic of the Lord Buddha. It is used by many Buddhists as a place of worship and throughout the day, many pilgrims as well as Bagan’s residents come to pray. Here, at this auspicious site, you will participate in an oil lamp-lighting ceremony.

Connect with Myanmar’s traditions

Oil lamps and candles are commonly used in Buddhist ceremonies as the flame represents the enlightenment of the Buddha and the positive light of his teachings. Myanmar’s Buddhists often light candles when visiting the Lawkananda Pagoda or even at their house before praying. But, this evening, you will be participating in an even more important ceremony.

Take part in a fascinating oil lamp ceremony in Bagan

Around the pagoda’s base, hundreds of oil lamps are carefully arranged. One by one, light the lamps with your guide, earning merit with each illuminated wick. Local Buddhists will also likely join in, and perhaps even a monk, helping to create a sea of flames flickering in the evening sky. The solitude of the evening and this beautiful visual spectacle combine into a magical setting that you will never forget.

As the flames begin to fade out, the ceremony comes to a close but the memories are certain to last a lifetime.

  • Culture immersion 100%
  • Local encounters 80%
  • Exclusive 90%


  • Being enchanted by one of Myanmar’s most serene traditions: an oil lamp-lighting ceremony
  • Joining locals to illuminate hundreds of small candles at the base of a serene pagoda
  • Discovering a beautiful, authentic experience


Note :

  • This unique experience must be pre-approved by the Buddhist authorities in Bagan.
  • Thus, we require advance bookings of at least four weeks to obtain the necessary permission.


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