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Food donation in Bagan

You are in for a special experience this morning in Bagan. Travel to a local monastery, a residence and place of learning for Buddhist monks, to participate in a traditional spiritual ceremony.

Insider access to Myanmar’s monks’ daily-life

Stepping into the tranquil grounds, you will instantly notice the difference in atmosphere. Unlike Bagan’s historic temples, the monastic compounds are void of tourists and surrounded by leafy trees. Your guide will introduce you to the daily rituals of Buddhist monks, from their early morning prayers to their afternoon studies. Learn about the precepts–or rules–followed by the monks and their role in the local community.

Food donation in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Then it is time to participate in the soan offering. The soan is the final meal of the day for monks and is eaten before noon. The meal is not just important for the monks, it is also a chance for local Buddhists to earn merit. Earning merit is at the center of all a Burmese Buddhists’ life. Doing good deeds, keeping positive thoughts, and so on is believed to contribute to the person’s growth to enlightenment. Thus, by donating food at the soan meal, locals believe they are helping to forge a better spiritual future for themselves.

You will have the privilege of earning merit. Your guide will carefully explain the correct way to donate food and instruct you on how to approach the monks. Then, take off your shoes and await the monks’ arrival. As they shuffle by in their red robes, scoop rice into their alms bowls, or present pre-packaged food to each monk. In return, a blessing of health and happiness will be given by the monks.

Learning about real-life experiences in Myanmar

After you have presented an offering to each monk, the ceremony ends. The monks will retreat to their dining hall for their soan meal, which will consist of your donations plus other offerings from the community. You will be treated to a light snack and green tea in another part of the monastic compound, sharing your experience with the guide, and learning more about the lives of Buddhist monks and the Myanmar people.

Having done your good deed of the day and experienced a unique aspect of Myanmar culture, resume your sight-seeing of Bagan.

  • Culture immersion 100%
  • Local encounters 90%
  • Exclusive 80%


  • Discovering the deep spiritualism of Myanmar by partaking in a special Buddhist ceremony
  • Visiting a monastery in Bagan
  • Donating food to monks and receiving a traditional blessing in return



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