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Cooking class at local house in Bagan

Get ready for a fabulous Myanmar culinary adventure! This morning take a break from temple touring for a memorable, and tasty, Bagan Cooking Class.

Grab a bite of Myanmar and learn how to cook

Travel to one of Bagan’s quiet neighborhoods, catching a glimpse of what life is like for the town’s residents. Although a popular tourist destination, Bagan is still deeply traditional and you will see evidence of this as you drive along.

Arrive at a typical home where your hosts await! You will be welcomed with open arms and genuine Burmese hospitality. Take a short tour of the home before reaching the local-style kitchen. Although basic compared to modern kitchens, you will be amazed at the wonderful foods that can be prepared with the simple tools and appliances.

Authentic interactions with Myanmar people

Your host is not a professional chef, but the food will likely be the best meal you have had in Myanmar! The recipes and techniques used today have been used by the family for generations. As the morning progresses, you will not only learn about food but also about Myanmar’s culinary culture and traditions.

Fresh out of the market!

First, help prepare the ingredients. Like most Myanmar residents, your host woke early this morning to visit the market to buy her daily ingredients. This means you will have plenty of fresh items to cook with, many of them grown in Bagan and picked from the fields that same morning! She will explain each item and describe where it is grown and how it is used. Many of the ingredients may be familiar to you – such as tomatoes, onions, and garlic – but certainly there will be some you have never seen before such as a local bean paste or exotic herbs unique to Myanmar.

Insider access to Bagan’s cuisine

Then it’s time to get cooking! Over the next hour or two, your host will cook an incredible meal of local dishes. Watch as she uses traditional tools, like mortar and pestle, to prepare the ingredients. Lend a hand to chop, slice, dice and mix spices, vegetables, and meats. Cooking in Myanmar is often a social experience and your host will share stories about food, her family, and her life. Feel free to ask any questions and to share your personal culinary experiences. The more you interact, the more you will learn about Myanmar culture!

Bon appetit!

Once the food is ready, it is time to eat! Sit down in the garden for a delicious lunch of freshly prepared dishes. You will get the real taste of home-cooked Myanmar cuisine, a special experience that is sure to please your stomach. After this memorable Bagan culinary and cultural indulgence, it is time to bid farewell to your hosts.

  • Culture immersion 80%
  • Local encounters 100%
  • Food 90%


  • Geting a true taste of Myanmar culture with a local Bagan cooking class
  • Steping into a family’s home for a morning of culinary indulgence
  • Discovering the secrets to preparing authentic Myanmar cuisine and savour the delicious results



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