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Hotel News: A place for an environment loving people

Arakan Nature Lodge project started coming together in 2012. It is blessed with assets like rivers, forest hills, mangrove areas, lovely, clean beaches and marine life. With their marvelous foremost mission of “Running on green technologies and practices only”, they build the lodge with local carpenter teams from the villages around. They rebuild traditional houses with recycled wood, sustainable, local building materials and manual techniques. They let natural beauty reveal itself unobstructed and share with the guests the cool and cozy logic of natural living as if staying in our village.

Located in Zikhone village and beach, south Rakhine, it shows the original beauty of the natural materials and offers the spectacular sea and sunset views, while being surrounded by unspoiled nature. They are positive of bringing in initiatives to explore and protect what is left of the wildlife, nature and marine coastal assets around. Starting ecotourism activities in the area is simply the most promising way to achieve a better future.

Explore the unspoiled nature of Myanmar with us and Arakan Nature Lodge.


Arakan Nature Lodge

Arakan Nature Lodge: along the beach


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