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5 Fascinating Temples and Pagodas in Myanmar

There are innumerable temples and pagodas in Myanmar, so for one to stand out. The temples and pagodas in this article are certainly the same, but they are much better than theirs. From 90-ton bells to precariously balanced giant boulders, these sites will leave an everlasting impression.

Fascinating Temples and Pagodas: Mingun Bell in Mandalay

Mandalay-Mingun Bell

Mingun Bell in Mandalay

Besides being very beautiful, Mandalay’s Mingun is remarkable for two reasons. Firstly, it contains the Mingun Bell, which weighs an incredible 90 tons, has a diameter of almost 5 meters, and is considered the most important ringing bell in the world. Secondly, Mingun Temple was what ever never finished! Construction began under the reign on King Bodawpaya, but the king was prophesized by an astrologer. Its elegant solution to the problem what to simply cease building work. Damaged in the 1839 earthquake, the Temple is nonetheless an important place to visit.

Fascinating Temples and Pagodas : Shittaung Pagoda in Mrauk U


Shittaung Pagoda in Mrauk U

The name of Shitthaung pagoda translates as “temple of eighty thousand Buddha images”, and it is for its sheer. Built by King Min Bin during the 15 th century, this temple is therefore known as the Temple of Victory Because it commemorates the King’s military victory over Benga. Hundreds of different Buddha images representing different cultures and the main stupa are at the center of the complex, where you will also see many bell-shaped stupas. The central bell-shaped stupa is surrounded by the smaller four stupas at the top of the pagoda.

Fascinating Temples and Pagodas : Shwe Myethman Pagoda in Shwetaung


Shwe Myethman Pagoda in Shwetaung

Unique among pagodas, the only Buddha image with golden eyeglasses is at Shwe Myethman Pagoda, which is also famous for its unusual appearance and height. The statue is 6m (20 ft), and it is the only Buddha statue in the world with this height. The sacred pagoda, located in Shwetaung, is only a 15 minute drive from the Pyay, Bago region. This pagoda festival, held during March, is also a well-known and celebrated event in the region.

Fascinating Temples and Pagodas: Golden Rock Pagoda in Mon State

Myanmar Golden Rock Pagoda

Golden Rock Pagoda in Mon State

Golden Rock Pagoda is the most unique in appearance of any pagoda in Myanmar. Perched on the top of a cliff. The pagoda is one of the world’s finest giant rockets. My favorite place in Myanmar, Golden Rock is roughly 170km away from Yangon, and is an excellent one-night trip from the city. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange this trip for you.

Fascinating Temples and Pagodas: Taung Kwe Pagoda in Loikaw, Kayah

Loikaw-Taung Kwe-Pagoda

Taung Kwe Pagoda in Loikaw, Kayah

The most famous religious landmark of Loikaw, Kayah state is Thiri-Mingalar Taung-kwe Zedi (translates as’ Seperated Hills). Here, pagodas have been built atop one 387 foot high central hill that branches into nine separate peaks. The pagodas have been built on each individual individual and connected together with fascinating artistry and design. Taung Kwe is regarded as the most venerated pagoda in the region, and the panoramic view from the top of the hill is almost as magnificent as the pagodas themselves.

Myanmar’s most famous attractions are its temples and pagodas, yet many people see only the most obvious examples. By visiting some of the most unusual sites on this list, you’ll be able to see things. These temples and pagodas really have to be seen!


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Lawkananda Pagoda Oil Lamp Ceremony

As the sun sets over Bagan, join locals to illuminate hundreds of small candles at the base of a serene pagoda. Earn merit and gain a deeper understanding of Buddhism through this authentic, local experience.

Food Donation to Monks

Discover the deep spiritualism of Myanmar by partaking in a special Buddhist ceremony. Visit a monastery in Bagan and donate food to monks and receive a traditional blessing in return. This serene experience is certain to bring you closer to Myanmar’s culture and to create lasting memories.


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