Responsible Travel & Myanmar


As a locally based company, we are tuned in to the benefits that tourism can bring to Myanmar and its people. We are also aware of the damages it can cause environmentally, culturally and spiritually. This is not only our place of business, but also our home and we are 100 % committed to preserving the authenticity of the country.

We strive to protect the local heritage, preserve the environment and leave a positive impact on the community. It is our desire to be a positive aim to give back to society and work with local charity groups to help further develop the community.

To put it simply, our ethos is to not exploit the local communities’ or the environment.

Myanmar Diaries strictly ensures that tours adhere to the following:

• Minimize our footprint on the land.
• Respect the traditions and way of life of the locals.
• Support the local economy through responsible means.

The teams at Myanmar Diaries are all employed locally, which gives you the most authentic experience possible. By using a native guide, you have someone who can answer your questions from a local perspective and give you an insight into the customs and culture. We strongly believe this cross-cultural exchange creates an enriching experience that will benefit both the locals you encounter and yourself.

Our guests may only stay a week or even a few days, but we are not merely passing through. Our long-term commitment to the region drives our desire to operate responsibly on a daily basis. We also encourage you, our guests, to get involved. This can be as simple as learning a few words of the local language, investing in a traditional souvenir or, if you wish to participate on a larger level, we have a list of charities that we work with where donations can be directed.