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3 Days from Kalaw to Inle Lake on Foot

All three days of this hike through the glorious Myanmar countryside will be between four and five hours. In the course of your trek you will on occasion feel as if you have moved back in time as you visit the unspoilt villages of the indigenous tribal people. Take the chance to lose yourself in the ways of the local Pa-O hill tribe while drinking in the magnificent splendour of the surrounding Shan Hills.

Itinerary and Info

  • Day 1: Kalaw - Nan The Le Te
    Your trek starts after breakfast with a two and a half hour hike towards the village of Nan The Le Te. You will be stunned by the dramatic scenery as you head towards the villages of Shar Pin and Lut Pin. There will be plenty of time for you to explore these villages that will seem to be virtually untouched by time. The locals go about their daily chores in much the same way as generations of forebears had done before them and as you move around the villages you cannot fail to notice the easy going nature of the locals. With a life lacking many of the facilities more urban communities take for granted, the people here lead a simple existence as they rely on being able to grow anything that they need to survive.

    After a picnic lunch you will have a further hour and a half trek ahead of you to complete the journey to Nan The Le Te. On arrival you will find a delightfully peaceful village – home to the Pa-O hill tribe. The tribe is renowned for their very individual dress. Both men and women wear long black trousers and shirts with the women offering splashes of color and brightness with their turbans and dramatic earrings. As you will be dining and staying overnight in the village, there is ample opportunity to soak up the local atmosphere while observing the tribe’s way of life. Total walking time for the day will be about four hours

  • Day 2: Nan The Le Te - Htee Thein
    Before setting off for a two and a half hour trek to the village of Kon Hla, take the opportunity to observe the morning routines of the Pa-O. As a tribe whose economy is based on agriculture, most of the work going on around you will be focused on their main crops of wheat and ginger. Your hike towards Kon Hla will take you through the villages of Baw Kone and Htun Kom which offer further insight to the lifestyle of the local populace. After lunching at Kon Hla, a further hour and a half hour trek takes you past the village of Pauk Tu en-route to your overnight destination of Htee Thein. This relatively short hike may take slightly longer as your eyes will be drawn again and again to the stunning views of the dramatic Shah Mountain range.

    As with the previous night, you will reach your overnight destination in plenty of time to immerse yourself in the local way of life before diner. Total walking time for the day will be 4-5 hours

  • Day 3: Htee Thein - Inle Lake
    The final leg of your trek will take you to the Inle Lake via one of two local villages (either In Dein or Than Daung) to experience the extraordinary floating market. This is certain to be quite unlike anything you will have seen before with the sounds, sights and smells keeping all your senses busy! After a magnificent lunch you will travel by boat to your hotel on the lake. Total walking time for the day will be 4-5 hours

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